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Glossary: PINs, Passwords, Account Numbers

This article provides an overview of the differences between various Comcast PINs, passwords and account numbers, and the situations in which they are required.

Número de cuenta

Your most basic credential as a Comcast customer is your account number. This is found on the top-right corner of each bill you receive, and there is one account number for each billing address. Your account number is created when you sign up for any Comcast service and does not change.

Puedes utilizar tu número de cuenta para:
  • Pagar tu factura.
  • Manage your account with our support team.
  • Create a primary XFINITY username to manage your services online.

Nombres de usuario y contraseñas de XFINITY

En línea, tu número de cuenta está asociado con los nombres de usuario de XFINITY de cada persona en tu cuenta. Cada usuario de XFINITY tiene una dirección de email de contacto, una contraseña y una pregunta y respuesta secreta (en caso de que pierdas tu contraseña).

The primary XFINITY username is the main username for the account.

If you're an XFINITY Internet customer, your primary XFINITY username was created when you activated your XFINITY Internet service.

If you don't have an XFINITY username yet, you can create a primary XFINITY username online using your account number or the last four digits of your Social Security number plus your date of birth.

You can use your XFINITY username to:
  • Pay your bill and manage your services.
  • Create and manage the secondary XFINITY usernames for other people on your account.
For more information, please read more about creating an XFINITY username.

You can also read details on how to find/reset your XFINITY username.

Voice Security PIN (XFINITY Voice and Business Voice)

Each XFINITY Voice account has a single four-digit Voice Security PIN that protects access to voice features online and over the phone. If you are a new customer, you should have received your Voice Security PIN via an automated phone call or by mail.

Before you can access certain details about your voice service, including billing details, voice information and voice features, you may be asked to provide your Voice Security PIN.

You can learn how to view or change your Voice Security PIN at any time.

PIN de controles de acceso

Parental Control PINs are used to control the programs that are viewed on your XFINITY X1 TV Box.

You can set your PIN in order to block programs and prevent unauthorized Pay Per View or XFINITY On Demand orders by channel, rating or time period. Your Parental Control PIN can be set online through My Account, or directly on your X1 TV Box.

Pay Per View PIN

Pay Per View PINs are used to secure the ordering process for a movie or event that is ordered by calling Customer Care, or with a Customer Service Center Sales Consultant. A Comcast employee may be able to set up a Pay Per View PIN for you upon request. Otherwise, you can set up the Pay Per View PIN on the TV Box itself.

Additionally, if you forget your Pay Per View PIN, you can reset it in My Account at any time.

X1 Application PIN

If you have an XFINITY X1 TV Box and use TV-based applications, such as the voicemail app, you may have an Application PIN. Your Application PIN is the touchtone keypad equivalent of the first four characters of your primary XFINITY username's password.
  • For example, if your primary XFINITY username's password is "Comcast," your Application PIN would be "Comc" or "2662" on your keypad.
  • For symbols and special characters, use the 1 key.

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