Digital Advertising

Website and Mobile Advertising​

We may deliver promotional offers for our products and services as well as advertisements for third party products and services on our websites and apps, like These ads and offers may be based on information that you have provided us (such as the ZIP code of your Xfinity service address), information about your current subscription or use of our products or services, or other information provided by our advertisers. We describe how we use personal information more fully in our Privacy Policy.

If you do not wish to see these promotional offers or ads, you may OPT OUT below. If you OPT OUT, you will still see advertising, but it will not be personalized. Whether you opt in or opt out, we will not sell or share information that identifies you or your online activity with an advertiser.​

Email Banner Advertising​

We may also present personalized "banner" ads in the e-mail tab of the Xfinity email service. These ads are not based on the content of your emails.

You can turn off these ads below. Turning off the ads in your email will not turn off sponsored text links on any other Xfinity pages or to ads on the Xfinity website homepage. You may still see advertisements, but they may not be as relevant.

Set your preferences for cookies and other technologies on our websites and apps. Visit Interest-Based Advertising