The ‘Claws’ Are Out: Why Gays and Girl Power Go Hand in (Well-Manicured) Hand

From a distance, it's easy to mistake the series "Claws" for a modern-day version of an early 2000s beauty shop comedy. Yes, similar to the likes of "Beauty Shop" and "Hair Show," the show drops a remarkably funny cast of sassy women in front of the brightly-colored backdrop of a beauty parlor. But make no […]

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NBC Picks Up ‘Beautiful People’ Pilot From ‘MADtv’ Alum

By Tim Kenneally LOS ANGELES ( - NBC wants to be with the "Beautiful People." The network announced Monday that it has picked up the pilot "Beautiful People." Described as "an imaginative and thematically rich ensemble 'what-if' drama," the project explores a scenario where families of mechanical human beings serve the human population. That begins […]

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New On DVD This Week: Scrubs, CSI, Rich Man, Poor Man, The Cleveland Show

Scrubs Allowing millions of fans to complete their collections of one of the most outrageous comedies on TV, 'Scrubs: The Complete Collection' is now available on DVD. This exciting collectible contains Scrubs memorabilia for die-hard fans, including an official Sacred Heart ID badge, X-ray cover of the cast, plus every episode from all nine hilarious […]

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