Gareth Neame on “Last Kingdom’s” Hunky Alexander Dreymon and the “Downton Abbey” Finale

It’s easy to want to compare the new BBC America series “The Last Kingdom” with another period piece series, “Downton Abbey.” However, it’s less because of their looking back at historical times in England and more because they have one man in common: Gareth Neame. Neame, who is executive producer of both series, has a penchant for series that draw […]

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'Breaking Abbey' (Photo: Comedy Central)

‘The Colbert Report’: ‘Downton Abbey’ Does ‘Breaking Bad’

Drug lords of the manor? "The Colbert Report" offered up the ultimate, unthinkable spoof on Thursday's show - the men of "Downton Abbey" going "bad" - acting out scenes from AMC's druggie drama "Breaking Bad"! What on Earth brought that about? Revenge. Bitter that First Lady Michelle Obama - a huge "Downton Abbey" fan - […]

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