XFINITY LGBTQ Community Recommendations: Out Magazine

By R. Kurt Osenlund, Managing Editor, Out Magazine Seeing our experiences reflected through popular art, particularly cinema, is something queer people have vigorously sought, long before "Moonlight" broke multiple barriers and clinched a Best Picture Oscar in front of a global audience. It's why we've sniffed out subtext wherever we could, from "Ben-Hur" to bromances: because our […]

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Pre-Order the Movie Most Likely to Slay the Oscars

#OscarsSoWhite? Not today, Oscars. Not today.  The 2016 Academy Awards will forever be known as the most dramatic year in the awards show's history-and that's saying a lot considering this is the same broadcast that brought us the unforgettable, "You like me!" Sally Field moment. The public protestation over the lack of minority nominees in the running for […]

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The Sanjay Behind The Oscar-Nominated Animated Short ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’

By Neelanjana Banerjee For desi or South Asian American kids, religion and culture can be a confusing part of one's identity. I remember being acutely aware of my mother's prayer room-a repurposed walk-in closet-full of pictures of the Hindu Goddess Kali, who wears a necklace of decapitated heads, infused with smoky incense and freshly churned sandalwood […]

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