2015 Emmy Watch: The LGBT-ness Of The Nominees

The Emmy nominations came out last week and it was impossible to get very far in the list of nominees without finding representatives of the LGBT community both in fictional representation and the bona fide real thing. Seeing LGBT performers and shows that you might call LGBT-centric is not a new thing since awareness and […]

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David Oyelowo as Peter Snowden in HBO's "Nightingale." (Photo: Joseph Cultice/HBO)

HBO’s ‘Nightingale’ Shines a Light on Black Americans and Mental Illness

*Spoiler Alert* Within the first minute or so of the HBO film "Nightingale's" opening scene, one thing is pretty clear: something isn't quite right with Peter Snowden. David Oyelowo stars in "Nightingale" -the film's sole character - as a 30-something-year-old Army veteran who unravels, snaps and kills his mother, Lillian. We don't see the act […]

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