XFINITY LGBTQ Is Here, Queer and Bringing the Fear

Historically a genre lacking representation of LGBTQ community members, horror has a unique relationship with its queer viewers. There are many competing theories as to why that is, whether it's empathy with the demonized monster and/or with the victimized slasher bait … or perhaps it's just our stronger appreciation for the fine art of camp. […]

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17 Horror Films Only LGBT People Understand

By: Daniel Reynolds, Editor, The Advocate Magazine Viewers in the LGBT community have a unique relationship with horror films. Since many of us have been demonized in our lifetimes, we have a special place in our hearts for the demons, monsters, and other outsiders who wreak havoc and revenge upon heteronormative society. But we also […]

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“Fresh Off the Boat” Celebrates Halloween!

In this week's episode, "Miracle on Dead Street," the Huang family-despite protests from mother Jessica Huang (Constance Wu)-decides to celebrate Halloween in style. "Fresh Off the Boat," loosely based on the memoir by chef Eddie Huang, takes place in the 1990s as his family moves to a mostly-Caucasian neighborhood in Orlando. In its first season, […]

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