Top 5 LGBT Comedies of 2016

Because beauty fades, and dumb is forever. When it comes to comedy, nobody does funny like the gays. It's not our fault that we were born with a veritable tap of witty candor and a penchant for over-the-top theatrics. I guess we're just lucky (#HairflipEmoji). So, it should come as no surprise that when you get […]

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‘The Event’ Recap: Alien Resurrection

The third episode of 'The Event' firmly established that the show is the anti-'Lost': heavy on the plot and action, light on the character development. Everything is moving forward from point A to point B, assuring viewers that the writers have figured out what will happen next. It's an exciting puzzle, but it makes it […]

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Clea DuVall and Sienna Guillory Explore Space (Real and Imagined) In Virtuality

OK, so, yes: Virtuality is also set in space. And all habitable planets are still in peril (or at least appear to be). Yet Ron Moore and Michael Taylor leave Battlestar Galactica's backdrop of armageddon behind tonight to introduce the audience to a different subplot: cultural armageddon, by way of reality television. What if a […]

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