NBC’s ‘Hairspray Live!’: The Iconic Classic Gets an Updo!

  It is a one of a kind phenomenon: A classic 1988 John Waters film became a hit Broadway musical, then became a successful movie musical and, on December 7, will make its live television debut. "Hairspray," like no other story, has lent itself successfully to all of these media reincarnations. The original movie is a testament […]

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'Peter Pan Live' Is Coming To NBC! Get Ready To Fly!

Last year at this time, NBC was about to launch a big experiment with airing "The Sound Of Music Live" featuring Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer, Laura Benanti and Audra McDonald. Mixed reviews following the one-time performance mostly pointed out Underwood's lack of acting ability in the role but with boffo ratings, NBC announced shortly thereafter that "Peter […]

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The 10 Wackiest TV-Related Facebook Campaigns

Remember when we had to write letters (actual letters! with stamps and everything!) or send wacky things like bottles of Tabasco to TV networks to try to save our favorite shows? Yeah, that's so last century. Now when viewers want to make their voices heard, they go where everybody else is going online: Facebook. Normally, […]

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