XFINITY LGBTQ Community Recommendations: Victory Fund

While all LGBTQ organizations are important to advancing equality, the methods deployed for securing that advancement vary. Victory Fund is the only national LGBTQ organization with a mission to elect more LGBTQ leaders at every level of government. They work tirelessly to change the face and voice of America's politics by aiding in the election […]

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Top 5 LGBT Love Stories of 2016

Everybody say, "Love!" I've been a firm believer in the recently popular sentiment that "if the love doesn't feel like '90s R&B, I don't want it." I mean, nothing says "love" quite like SWV's "Weak." Am I right? Sadly, my love for "The Boy is Mine" hasn't exactly helped me find a boy of my own, but […]

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‘Vice’ Tackles The AIDS Crisis: ‘Countdown To Zero’

On December 1st, which happens to be World AIDS Day, a compelling report on HBO’s “Vice” explores where we are with the AIDS Crisis and where our cure is. Check out the trailer for the episode, which airs December 1st at 9pm on HBO. [iframe 560 340] The opinions expressed are solely those of […]

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Anderson Cooper’s ‘Ridiculist’ Targets (Who Else?) Pat Robertson

I love when Anderson Cooper gets a bee in his bonnet and when Pat Robertson is involved, all the better. Check out this video from his Ridiculist feature from Tuesday. [iframe 560 340] "Anderson Cooper 360" airs nightly on CNN. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the […]

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Matt Bomer Talks His Powerful Role In ‘The Normal Heart’

HBO's film adaptation of Larry Kramer's iconic play, "The Normal Heart," is airing May 25th and star Matt Bomer sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about losing weight for the role as well as the importance of the film. [iframe 580 476] "The Normal Heart" airs May 25th on HBO. "The Tonight Show […]

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