Gareth Neame on “Last Kingdom’s” Hunky Alexander Dreymon and the “Downton Abbey” Finale

It’s easy to want to compare the new BBC America series “The Last Kingdom” with another period piece series, “Downton Abbey.” However, it’s less because of their looking back at historical times in England and more because they have one man in common: Gareth Neame. Neame, who is executive producer of both series, has a penchant for series that draw […]

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John Barrowman Talks Commonwealth Games Smooch And ‘Arrow’ Season 3

There's nobody like John Barrowman. Whether he's performing at the opening of the Commonwealth games (where he emerged from under a giant kilt!) or making a splash at Comic Con (where, for TVFanatic, I was interviewing him and he decided to flirt with my cameraman) or talking about his role as villainous Malcolm Merlyn on […]

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David Bradley stars as William Hartnell in "An Adventure in Space and Time" (Photo: BBC America)

‘An Adventure in Space and Time’: David Bradley on Recreating Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Moments

The festivities honoring the 50th anniversary of legendary British series "Doctor Who" have already kicked off on BBC America, but the real action doesn't happen until this weekend. The day before the worldwide simulcast of the massive "The Day of the Doctor" anniversary special, BBC America will present a TV movie commissioned by the BBC […]

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