Actress and Filmmaker Sujata Day Talks ‘Insecure’ and ‘Cowboy and Indian’

By Julianne Hing for CAAM This interview has been edited for length and clarity by XFINITY. *** Sujata Day was tired of auditioning for stereotypical Asian-slash-brown-girl roles. "The roles were all about the name, the accent, what the character is wearing or smelly curry jokes," Day explains. To fix this problem, she eventually did what women […]

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‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Actress Lucille Soong on Becoming an Accidental Actor

By CAAM This interview has been edited for length and clarity by XFINITY. *** CAAM had the pleasure of catching up with Lucille Soong over email. Soong plays Grandma Huang on ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat," which is now in its fourth season and airs on Monday nights. Since the first season, her character has charmed audiences […]

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CAAM Documentary Filmmakers Nominated for Emmy Awards

By Momo Chang for CAAM This blog has been edited for length and clarity by XFINITY. *** A historic number of CAAM-affiliated Asian-American documentary filmmakers have received nominations for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Among the nominees are five CAAM-funded filmmakers: Renee Tajima-Peña for “No Más Bebés,” Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi for “Among the Believers,” Geeta V. […]

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‘The Tiger Hunter’ Actress Karen David on Embracing Her Multicultural Identity

By Melissa Hung for CAAM This interview has been edited for length and clarity by XFINITY. *** Karen David still remembers the exact moment when the acting-and-singing bug bit her hard. She was just 6 years old and under the babysitting supervision of her older sister. They watched "Grease" and "Xanadu," "and I just fell absolutely […]

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Cricket on XFINITY

By Rahat Khanna Come June 1, 2017, England and Wales will host the top eight cricketing nations in the world when they battle for the ICC Champions Trophy. The tournament, comprising 15 matches to be played over 18 days, will see players donning national colors. Fans from around the world will converge onto the stadia, converting […]

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What to Watch on X1 International This April

By Liza Solberg Say "International" to your X1 remote to be transported to a world of international entertainment! Get a front-row ticket to the biggest cricket carnival, explore the beaches of Polynesia, sit back, relax and binge on April's exciting international line up on XFINITY On Demand. Stay up-to-date on all live games, highlights and […]

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