Minute-by-Minute at ‘The Talk’ with Top Talker Jaymes Vaughan

A lot of work goes into a ‘Top Talk’ segment on ‘The Talk.’ (l-r) Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Jaymes Vaughan, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Aisha Tyler. (CBS)

When you’ve been what they call a “Top Talker” for a while on CBS’s daytime talk show “The Talk,” one might assume that coming onto the show and talking up a topic or two with Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood would be a piece of cake.

CBS Radford is the place for me to shadow Jaymes on his time at ‘The Talk.’ (Halterman)

Jaymes Vaughan, for example, has become a regular face on the show and appears frequently to offer up a tidbit or two with his own personal flair and, yes, we’ve noticed, some sharp-looking suits. He has a great rapport with the ladies and, being a host and correspondent for “OK TV,” he knows a thing or two about dishing about a hot topic or the antics of the rich and famous.

I’ve been talking to Jaymes since he was a contestant on Season 21 of CBS’s “The Amazing Race,” where he and his fellow Chippendales performer, James Davis, came this close to winning the million dollars (they placed second). It’s been so fun to see the out performer take that opportunity by the horns and parlay it into becoming a top Hollywood reporter, often standing next to me on red carpets, attending press events and being a regular fixture on “The Talk.”

When I heard Jaymes was going to be appearing on “The Talk” last week, I stopped by to do a breakdown of what exactly goes into his prep time with appearing on the show and, as you’ll see below, I could not have picked a better day since things definitely did not go as expected.

I also had the chance to chat with Jaymes after the segment was done so he could talk about what happened. Portions of the interview are below. Here we go!

10:00 am: I arrive at the CBS Radford lot and notice an email from Jaymes asking me if I wanted a Starbucks before we got started. I mean, is the guy not the best?

10:05 am: Jaymes gets the lowdown on today’s segment from Daphne Carr, producer at ‘The Talk.’ (CBS)

10:10 am: Jaymes and producer Daphne Carr warm up for today’s segment, which happens to be about John Goodman, who had talked recently on Howard Stern’s radio show about how he was dissed by Kristen Wiig. The question for the ladies is, “Have you ever been blown off?” Jaymes does a killer job in practice. He’s clearly done this before.

10:15 am: He’s not dressed yet, but shows me the “baller suit” courtesy of Las Vegas-based Stitched. Jaymes does his first of many Snapchats (follow him @JaymesV) touting that he’s got a “crew” following him around today. He also jokes about how he has to take “86 pictures” to find one good one to post. (He’s telling the truth!)

10:20 am: Before things get too busy, time for me to get a selfie with Jaymes. He holds the camera because he knows what he's doing more than I do. (Halterman)

Post show taping, I asked Jaymes about his social media game and if his work feels like work. I'm not surprised with his answer…and he gets a text from the producer on how the show went today.

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/The-Talk/9114149887219691112/644066883935/Jaymes-Vaughan-Social-Media-Game/embed 580 476]

10:30 am: Time to go get prettier with help from Michelle (makeup) and Vickie (hair). They’re just down the hall from Jaymes’ dressing room, so we don’t have far to go.

10:35 am: Jaymes and Michelle catch up while she gets him camera-ready. (CBS)

10:40 am: While Jaymes gets his makeup done, a few members of “The Talk” crew stop by to say hello. He’s clearly a favorite here and makes sure to get out of the makeup chair to hug everyone who comes by. A southern gentleman to the end.

10:43 am: Nothing wrong with a little Snapchatting while getting your hair styled, right? Maybe a few extensions will do the trick? (CBS)

In this video, Jaymes chats about working with the ladies on “The Talk”: 

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/The-Talk/9114149887219691112/644066883937/Jaymes-Vaughan-on-Working-with-the-Ladies/embed 580 476]


10:50 am: Back in his dressing room, Jaymes is no longer with Chippendales, but, come on now, it looks like he could join again at any moment. (CBS)


10:53 am: Jaymes even makes tying his tie look easy. (CBS)

10:55 am: Dressed and ready to impress, Jaymes begins to take his (approximately) 86 photos and find just the right one. He steps outside his dressing room, and I suggest he get his door’s name plate in the photo.

Jaymes is the first to admit he doesn't dress himself for his appearances. Check out what he told me when I asked about his swanky style.

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/The-Talk/9114149887219691112/644066883936/Jaymes-Vaughan-Styling/embed 580 476]

11:00 am: The taping of the show is officially underway, but Jaymes isn’t on for a few more minutes. So, to kill the time (and to prove he was not lying earlier), he’s taking painstaking efforts to find the right photo to post on social media.

This is the one Jaymes chose. I think he chose right, don't you? (JaymesV Instagram…follow him!)

11:13 am: With just a few minutes before going down to stage, Jaymes is reading over the John Goodman copy when Daphne bursts into the room. There’s been a massive change in his segment. John Goodman is out (sorry, John) and, instead, the topic is about the fact that penis size has come up in the Presidential campaign (thanks, Trump), as well as in Hulk Hogan’s sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. Jaymes is told they won’t be doing penis jokes or get too raunchy with the subject. Let’s see how Jaymes does now!

11:20 am: Backstage, Jaymes looks over his new copy one more time before joining the ladies on stage. (CBS)

11:22 am: It's a commercial break, so Jaymes sits between Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne at "The Talk" table and readies for his segment to begin. I step behind the cameras and see a full, excited audience who you can tell are already enjoying themselves with today's show.

11:25 am: The segment is off and running and Jaymes introduces a clip of Hulk Hogan (under oath in court) talking about his penis size. The audience is howling at all this. (CBS)

11:28 am: Sharon starts to ask Jaymes a question, Sara offers a ruler…anything can happen on ‘The Talk!’ (CBS)

Finally, here is the full segment:

...and Jaymes talking post-show about when he got word that the topic for today had radically changed.

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/The-Talk/9114149887219691112/644066883933/Jaymes-Vaughan-Change-Topic/embed 580 476]

Finally, how is Jaymes doing over at OK TV?

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/The-Talk/9114149887219691112/644066883934/Jaymes-Vaughan-OK-TV-Gig/embed 580 476]
That’s a wrap from “The Talk.” Make sure to watch every day, and feel free to drop the producers a note to let them know Jaymes should be back for more “Top Talk” segments as often as possible!


“The Talk” airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtime in your area. Follow Jaymes Vaughan on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. He’s @JaymesV everywhere. 

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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