'Once Upon A Time' Preview: Where Is Our LGBT Couple? Plus, 100th Episode Red Carpet Videos!

Our heroes search for Hook in the 100th episode. (l-r, Josh Dallas, Sean Maguire, Jennifer Morrison, Jared Gilmore, Ginnifer Goodwin & Lana Parrilla) (ABC)

The good news? There is finally an LGBT relationship coming to ABC’s long-running Once Upon A Time.”

The not-so-good news is don't expect that story to kick off in the show's 100th episode, airing this Sunday when the series returns from hiatus for the second half of its fifth season. In fact, I suspect the show isn't planning on making this relationship such a big deal that it takes over the show or overshadows the more pressing stories (like getting Hook out of Hell!). But it is coming and, for now, there is a lot of guessing as to who it will involve. (The series was renewed for a sixth season after this story originally posted.)

Lana Parrilla told me we will definitely see the Evil Queen in the 100th episode. (ABC)

I would venture a guess that despite a certain fan contingent that would love to see #SwanQueen (Emma Swan and Regina, the Evil Queen) become more than allies and co-parents to Henry, this won’t be the couple we see. In fact, having Emma (Jennifer Morrison) risking everything to save her love, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), from Hell and Regina (Lana Parrilla) in love with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), it just wouldn’t make sense for them to shelve all those feelings and fall into each other’s arms. I’m not saying never, but it doesn’t seem to be where the story is heading no matter how much some fans want it. (I have no inside scoop on this one, folks. Just my opinion.)

So, who else? We know Mulan (Jamie Chung) is going to be back in this second half of the season, and since we know she’s bisexual, my money is on her finding love (or lust…or both) with someone else in Storybrooke. Since Meghan Ory is also returning as Ruby (aka Red Riding Hood), could it be her? They’d make for a hot couple, that’s for sure.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if Zelena (Rebecca Mader), who is currently banished to Oz, was more sexually fluid than we’ve seen thus far. I mean, at the end of the day she just wants love of some kind, so why limit yourself to the opposite sex, right? (Again, no inside scoop. Just speculating.)

The cast, producers and ABC executives at the 100th episode party in Steveston, British Columbia. (ABC)

Or, what if Mulan pulls a Sarah Paulson and goes for someone decidedly older (Paulson is currently dating Holland Taylor, who is more than a few years older than the “American Horror Storyactress), like Granny (Beverly Elliott), who we’ve never seen in a relationship. I mean, she’s a reliable business woman since she runs Granny’s Diner, and she knows how to cook. What else does love need but a warm meal with some apple pie and ice cream for dessert?

Alas, I could make guesses for hours, but I am glad the show is finally going there. I'll keep you posted whenever some more scoop comes to light.

In the meantime, I was up in Vancouver recently for the 100th episode red carpet and screening of this Sunday’s episode. The red carpet and screening event took place in Steveston, British Columbia, which is the town that doubles for the exteriors of Storybrooke. As you’ll see from these videos, the carpet was outside and, since it was February, it was cold! (Also, one particular video where some cast members interviewed each other is coming…keep an eye on my Twitter handle because it will be popping up in an unexpected place before this Sunday’s episode. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.)

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859901/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with..-Jennifer-Morrison/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859903/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with…Lana-Parrilla/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859902/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with..-Josh-Dallas/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859904/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with..-Rebecca-Mader/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859900/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with..-Colin-O-Donoghue/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Once-Upon-a-Time/6540412360136466112/635361859899/On-the-100th-episode-red-carpet-with..-Adam-Horowitz-%26-Edward-Kitsis/embed 580 476]


“Once Upon A Time” airs Sundays at 8 pm on ABC.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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