Jane Lynch On Bathroom Singing and ‘Angel From Hell’

Maggie Lawson and Jane Lynch in 'Angel From Hell.' (CBS)

We’ve been loving Jane Lynch for years for her various roles in Christopher Guest movies as well as her long-running role as Sue Sylvester on Glee.”

But is the out actress an angel? Well, beginning tonight, she is an “Angel From Hell” on CBS.

The sitcom focuses on Amy (Lynch), who is an angel who happens to like to party and walk anything but the straight and narrow yet she is the guardian angel to type-A perfectionist Allison (Maggie Lawson). In fact, Amy has been watching over Allison for longer than we might initially realize when the series begins.

Lynch, who is also busy hosting NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night,” and Lawson are no strangers, though, since they worked together on Lawson’s previous series, “Psych.” In fact, Lawson told a story at last summer’s Television Critics Association press tour, when she was reunited with Lynch, it was in an unexpected place.

Maggie Lawson: I was just excited to see her.  And then when I got to CBS for our first reading together, Jane was already there.  I went into the ladies’ restroom, and she was…

Jane Lynch:  …there.

ML:  She was in the ladies’ restroom singing at the top of her lungs…it was perfect.

JL:  Exactly.

ML:  We ended up singing together…

JL:  What was I singing?  (Singing) “God, I’m a dancer.”

ML:  That’s right.

JL:  “A dancer dances.”

ML:  I was over the moon.  I loved the script already but to hear that she was doing it and then knowing I was going to get to see [Jane] again, I was overjoyed.

Later in the panel, Lynch added:

JL:  I always sing in the bathroom. I think a lot of people probably do…acoustics are awesome in the bathroom.

As for “Angel From Hell,” here is a preview from the series, which premieres tonight on CBS.

[iframe http://tvgo.xfinity.com/watch/Angel-From-Hell/6309323910015797112/595538499864/Angel-From-Hell—First-Look/embed 580 476]

“Angel From Hell” premieres tonight at 8pm on CBS.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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