50 Shades of Hot – Who & What Turned Up the Heat in 2015

With all due respect to football fans, the holidays are about three things: family, giving, and catching up on all the excellent TV, movies, music videos and documentaries that you either meant to watch or should have watched earlier in the year, but didn't. This is the beauty of XFINITY On Demand and the holidays. All those shows and movies are waiting for you, and now you have the time!

To help you get the most out of this opportunity, we created 50 Shades of Hot, a collection of the must-sees of 2015 that you can watch on TV, at your convenience, with XFINITY On Demand. If you're looking for "Best Of" or "Most-Watched" lists, you can find them and other fun collections in our Winter Watchlist. Our 50 Shades of Hot is a purely subjective look back through the past 12 months at the series, movies, people, and music that ignited anticipation and passionate discussion afterward.

Here's a list of all 50 picks that we think you should see to feel caught up on the year in entertainment, with a brief explanation. Let us know if we missed anything on your list of must-sees. Happy holidays, and happy watching.

  1. Game of Thrones – The most epic series on TV today.
  2. Fargo – Season 2 was even better, a treat of writing, acting, and nuance.
  3. Empire – A buffet of outrageousness every week.
  4. Blindspot – A tightly crafted thriller, among TV’s best
  5. Taylor Swift – She turned the world into a sing-a-long.
  6. Quantico – A charismatic international star drives this tight drama.
  7. Mr. Robot – Taps into the scariest elements of today’s world.
  8. Amy Schumer – More than a comedian, a defining voice emerged.
  9. Adele – Her return delivered at the highest level.
  10. The Walking Dead – It’s transcended zombies; it’s about survival.
  11. Power – An addictive soap presented as a smart urban drama.
  12. Chicago Fire, P.D., Med – Solid, satisfying TV.
  13. The Big Bang Theory – Bazinga! Just bazinga!
  14. The Royals – The best, most salacious, shocking soap on TV.
  15. Chris Pratt – Hot.
  16. Entourage – The boys came back strong. Pure fun.
  17. Star Wars – An irresistible, overwhelming force.
  18. Scream Queens – Once you’re into this smart satire, you never want out.
  19. Homeland – A terrific season. Start from the beginning. Savor each one.
  20. Daniel Craig – We bonded with him.
  21. Paris Je T’aime – A tribute to our favorite city. Wonderful movies.
  22. Love & Hip Hop – The rare TV show that makes you scream and yell.
  23. The Today Show – News dominated, and Today delivered.
  24. Women Who Kick A** – Grown-ups raised on girl power.
  25. Late Night Talk – A golden age of late night talent. To be enjoyed.
  26. Hip Hop Superstars – The words and beats that mattered most.
  27. Musicals – Good stuff for the entire family.
  28. Minons – One word: adorable.
  29. Dystopian SciFi – For Mad Max alone, inventive, provocative and good.
  30. Avengers: Age of Ultron – The latest chapter of pure movie fun.
  31. Teen Titans Go! – Kids can’t get enough.
  32. Dwayne Johnson – Whatever it is a superhero needs, he’s got it.
  33. Transparent – Not your parents’ sitcom; a genre buster – and so smart.
  34. The Affair – Complicated TV that made people talk.
  35. Outlander – Called the feminist response to Game of Thrones.
  36. True Stories Told (Documentaries) – Each one here is terrific.
  37. Bieber & One D – Hot boys with catchy songs.
  38. Inside Out – Delightful for kids and adults.
  39. 50 Shades of Grey – It is what it’s supposed to be, and that’s a good thing.
  40. The Juniors Department – Young competitors, and impressive.
  41. Wives, Wives & More Wives – No typecasting here.
  42. TV’s Best Laughs – Comedies that really do make you laugh.
  43. Blake & Gwen – Real winners of The Voice, and real good music.
  44. Mission Impossible – Maybe, probably the best one yet.
  45. Jennifer Lawrence – So young, so good, and so worth watching her films.
  46. Downton Abbey – Prepare to say farewell.
  47. TV Reboots – TV adapts movies, and that’s okay with us.
  48. American Horror Story: Hotel – Dark, twisted, and it left us gaga.
  49. Into the Badlands – Packs a punch like no other show on TV.
  50. Show Me the Money – Unscripted TV about money – take notes.


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.