OMG! Olivia Pope Has an Abortion on ‘Scandal’

Olivia Pope makes a tough decision on "Scandal" winter finale. (Photo: ABC)


The“Scandal” winter finale showed Olivia Pope doing something that left many viewers saying, “What the …?!”

What happened?

She had an abortion. And with the Secret Service detail her lover President Fitz Grant assigned to her posted outside the door. Chile …

When I saw the camera panning from the female doctor placing these brown feet in stirrups, a gynecological exam immediately came to mind. When I saw the doc reach for those tools, I was like, "Oh, sh-t! She's getting an abortion!"

And they didn’t spare any details. We saw Liv’s jaw clinch as she tightened her grip around the bedrail and the doctor motioning like she was removing something from Liv’s pelvis. And then there was the stunned, blank expression on Liv’s face as the procedure was happening. Oh, and all of this happened with Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “Silent Night” playing over the scene. It was pretty challenging to watch.

To the dismay of many Olitz shippers, Liv terminated her pregnancy, making it clear that she doesn’t want to have a baby with Fitz, at least not at this time.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, then you know that Liv’s been feeling some kind of way about all of the responsibilities that come with being the First Lady or First Girlfriend. Though she looked lovely doing it, playing Michelle Obama just isn’t Liv’s thing. Hey, his ex-wife Mellie did warn her.

I think the pregnancy, suspended involvement in her firm Pope & Associates, his moving her things into the White House without consulting her first and her new role as First Girlfriend became too much for Liv. Not only did she end the pregnancy, she and Fitz got into a heated (and long overdue) argument that ended with her moving out of the White House. (If Liv really wanted to avoid being a baby mama, she would’ve accepted Fitz’s offers to get hitched, something he pointed out during the heated exchange. It’s clear she just wanted out.)

First Lady turned senator Mellie Grant filibustering in support of Planned Parenthood on "Scandal." (Photo: ABC/Byron Cohen)

Women’s right to choose the life they want to lead for themselves was clearly the predominant theme of last night’s episode. Here are a few examples: Liv’s abortion; Liv calling a bill Fitz supports “crappy;” Liv determining that she wanted to live an independent lifestyle; Mellie, former First Lady turned freshman senator, filibustering in support of Planned Parenthood; Vice President Susan Ross’s support of Mellie on the Senate Floor and reading statistics about Planned Parenthood; and, even, Liv’s empowerment speech to Mellie in a restroom at the U.S. Capitol.

Yes, Shondaland wasn’t playing Thursday night!

And I applaud a TV series or film that supports a woman’s right to choose the life that she wants for herself, which also extends to a woman deciding against abortion like “Sex and the City” character Miranda Hobbs did when faced with a similar predicament.

How a person views last night’s episode depends on where they stand in the abortion argument. Some are championing “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes’s decision as “groundbreaking” and “bold,” as many on Twitter did, while others are calling it an example of “Hollywood’s moral depravity.”

But you know what? You should watch and decide for yourself. Gladiators have three months before we find out what happens next (Yep, Shondaland Thursdays won’t be in effect until Feb. 11 on ABC).

WATCH: “Scandal” winter finale


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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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