Will We Find LGBT Characters and Stories in “Supergirl?”

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl! (CBS)

Where is the gay bar in National City?

If you didn't know, National City is the home for Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Kara Danvers or, as you may also know her, Supergirl. And while the series, which premieres tonight on CBS, doesn't immediately explore whether there is a gay bar around, the producers-many of whom are of the LGBT community-are well aware of populating the world to reflect our own reality.

As you’ll see in the pilot, “Supergirl” begins at the time when Kara realizes it may be time to start using her powers to help battle evil and maybe help her famous cousin (Superman, who is mentioned but not seen as of yet) bring peace to Earth.

Melissa Benoist (best known for “Glee”) plays Kara, and we meet her at a time when she’s fully aware of her powers but hasn’t utilized them much. But when she’s forced to in tonight’s pilot episode, she realizes it’s her duty to help protect the good people of National City and the world.

While there is a brief lesbian confusion moment in the first episode, will we see LGBT characters or stories in the show, which comes from out executive producers Ali Adler (“The New Normal”) and Greg Berlanti as well as Andrew Kreisberg?

Berlanti and Kreisberg have successfully added gay characters on their other comic book-based series, so it’s likely we’ll see them in “Supergirl,” too.

Andy Mientus [who plays Pied Piper on ‘The Flash’] we love and we have Echo Kellum play Mr. Terrific on ‘Arrow,’ ” Kreisberg explained. “We’re happy to have LGBT characters in the show, whether they’re heroes, whether their villains, but we do feel a responsibility to make sure that there’s as much truth to whatever characters we have.”

Here is a scene from the pilot where Kara tries to tell her co-worker (Jeremy Jordan) who she is, and he thinks maybe she’s a lesbian…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Supergirl/7721253858235513112/551989315700/Supergirl%3A-I-Embraced-Who-I-Am/embed 580 476]

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti (CBS)

With National City being a major city and, from my own personal experience, knowing that the field of journalism does have its share of LGBT people, we could see some characters pop up at the media conglomerate owned by Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant. “I would say 10 percent of the CatCo employees are gay,” Adler said. “We just haven’t gotten to their stories yet.”

Berlanti, who got his TV start writing the coming-out story of Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) on “Dawson’s Creek” and has regularly put gay characters in his projects, also has a strong penchant for putting relationship stories of all kinds on the front burner of his series. “There are as many father/son emotional scenes on something like ‘The Flash’ as there ever were on ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ he said, also citing his series “Everwood” as being strongly rooted in character relationships. “I’m writing scenes now for Calista on ‘Supergirl’ that reminds me of some of her scenes that we did on ‘Brothers and Sisters.’ In other words, watch for there to be just as much heart as adventure in ‘Supergirl.’ ”

For now, we’ll keep an eye on “Supergirl” to see when those LGBT characters and stories might pop up, but if the track record of “Arrow” and “The Flash” are any indication, they’ll be treated with just as much care as any other part of the series.

While we wait, let’s hope we might at least see Mehcad Brooks, who plays the show’s hunky version of Jimmy Olsen, giving villain exposition while changing out of his workout clothes at the gym. (Hey, it could happen, right?)

“Supergirl” premieres tonight at 8:30 on CBS.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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