Travis Wall Talks ‘SYTYCD’ Competition with ‘tWitch,’ All-Stars Coming & Emmys!

Travis Wall, choreographer, Emmy nominee and Stage Team Mentor (Fox)

And then there were 10…

In tonight’s episode of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” the remaining 14 dancers (7 from Team Street, 7 from Team Stage) will be reduced to 10 when 4 dancers will be sent home.

What happens after that? Will the competition between mentor/choreographer/Emmy nominee Travis Wall and mentor/All-Star/actor Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss heat up even more? And what’s up with Wall’s super slick look on the show this season?

Good thing I bumped into Wall at this weekend’s Fox TCA party at the swanky Soho House in West Hollywood. Let’s see what he had to say about the competition as well as which All-Stars we’ll be seeing this season.

The fun competitiveness of you and tWitch is fun but is the competition getting more serious as we move deeper into the season?

Travis Wall: No, the competition is never between me and tWitch. The completion lies between the contestants themselves. We’re having such a fun time but there’s also grey areas where I’m helping out some of the street kids and he’s helping out some of the stage kids because we want everyone to look their best and we want everyone to be a success.

At the end of the day, sometimes when I help out his contestant it makes that number better which makes my contestant look better. So it's not really super competitive. Does he want to win the show? Do I want to win the show? Yes! Do my contestants want to win the show? Yes. I think the one time it gets super competitive is the team dances. Team Stage always looks so much better than Team Street when they're compared to each other. But, other than that, we are still celebrating dance.

And now we’re seeing who adapts to the different styles but it’s surprising especially since the street team seem like the underdogs since they don’t have the same choreography background.

TW:  There’s a lot of people on street team that are trained in other things. It’s like trained vs. untrained. It’s really up to what’s your style and what team do you want to be on? There are some dancers on my team who are trained in hip hop so it’s kind of vice versa.

But, yeah, it's getting heated now. We're getting closer and we have four people go home this week, which I'm really nervous about who is in the bottom three because only Twitter can save them so you're hoping Twitter makes the right choice. The judges have no say.

But those of us on the West Coast can’t live tweet with the time difference.

TW: Well, if you follow the Twitter account on Fox, they announce when you can vote and they tell you who is on the bottom. You can definitely vote if you follow their Twitter account.

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss and Travis Wall in 'SYTYCD' (Fox)

In past years when we get to the Top 10, things shift a bit and the All-Stars come in so is that still the plan?

TW: Yes, every contestant will dance with an All-Star next week.

Do we know who the All-Stars are?

TW: It’s the same ones, as always. It’s Marko [Germar], Robert [Roldan], your Alex Wongs and your Kathryn McCormicks, your Jaimie Goodwins.

I do think you’re better dressed than tWitch this season. [Wall laughs] You’re in these nice suits and tWitch has his t-shirts or polos.

TW:  His outfit is in his shoes. He’s always killing it with the shoes. He does black on black and then hits them with a hot shoe. That’s tWitch’s approach all season but I knew since the first season that I wanted to be seen in a suit all season.

What’s up with Shaping Sound?

TW: We got back on our third international tour starting in October. 36 cities, pretty crazy and I’ve got a huge project coming up next Winter/Spring. It’s been green lit but I can’t talk about it yet but it will be my biggest job to date.

Film? TV? Stage?

Film for TV. You'll find out sooner or later. It will literally change the course of my career if it's a success.

Anything else on the bucket list?

Emmys this September! It's my fifth one and I'm hoping for the best but just to be recognized is incredible. We're excited!

You and Dom [Palange, BF] are doing great I can see from following you guys on Instagram.

Life is amazing. Could not be stronger with him. We're going to try to celebrate every moment we get together because life is crazy.

“So You Think You Can Dance” airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox. For more on Shaping Sound, visit the website.

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