‘Power’ Returns: 10 Burning Questions That Must Be Answered

Omari Hardwick as James "Ghost" St. Patrick in "Power." (Photo: Starz)


It’s been a year since we were introduced to the dual worlds that James “Ghost” St. Patrick leads on Starz’s hit “Power.”

And 9 p.m. ET on Saturday can’t come fast enough for people feigning for “Power’s” second season.

For those of you who’ve been under a rock, Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is one of New York City’s biggest drug dealers, and, who, despite his efforts to go legit, finds himself pulled back into the underworld. The drama doesn’t just stop there. Ghost is a married father of three who’s been faithful to his beautiful wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) until he reunited with his teenage crush, Angela Valdez (Lela Loren). Here’s where it gets interesting: Ghost doesn’t know that Angela is a federal agent and she doesn’t know that he’s the drug kingpin she’s been tracking. Oh, and add to the mix Kanan (executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), Ghost’s incarcerated mentor who wants to off him, and it’s really on and poppin’.

Now, that I've explained all of that, you can understand if I need a few things answered. So, here are my burning questions that need to be addressed from last season.

1) Will Angela learn that Ghost, the guy she’s been trying to nab, is the man with whom she’s in love?

2) Will Ghost continue to see Angela when he finds out she’s with the FBI (you know his main man Tommy, played by Joseph Sikora, can’t sit on that info)?

3) Will Ghost completely abandon his dreams of becoming legit, including running his nightclub, Truth (his last line from the finale was, “I’ll be the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City”)?

4) And since he plans to be “the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City,” will he stay with Tasha (or will she stay with him), who’s been down with him from jump?

5) Will Tommy attempt to off Angela since learning she’s an FBI agent?

6) Will Shawn (Sinqua Walls) stay loyal to his “uncle” Ghost or his father, Kanan?

7) How will Kanan explain he’s been released from jail, and will he continue his attempts to take out Ghost?

8) Will Tommy’s boo thang, Holly (Lucy Walters), survive being shot (the bullet was meant for Ghost), and if so, will she still be down with Tommy?

9) Will Nomar (Vinicius Machado) survive after Tommy attacked him and if so, will he be able to (mis)identify him as Ghost?

10)Will the assassin Pink Sneakers (Leslie Lopez) continue to take out folks for Kanan, especially since Ghost identified her as his would-be assassin?

Uh huh, you want to know the answers, too, right?

Check out the season 1 finale, the season 2 preview and my interview with Jackson, Hardwick, Sikora, and showrunner and creator Courtney Kemp Agboh, below.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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