Five Reasons Why MTV’s ‘Faking It’ Is One Of The Best TV Series Of 2014

Gregg Sulkin, Katie Stevens, Rita Volk and Michael J Willett (MTV)

It’s hard to believe that a year ago at this time, MTV’s Faking It wasn’t on the air yet. The series, which debuted earlier this year, gave us so much to love right off the bat. Let’s break it down (and be aware there are spoilers for what went down in the first half of the second season):

Girl Love: The friendship between Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens) was the core of the show from day one and even though Amy unexpectedly developed romantic feelings for Karma, it was that friendship that had to always be preserved. Amy realizing she’s at least bisexual and her coming out journey has been tough especially when Amy worked to accept that Karma wasn’t able to reciprocate her feelings, they are still friends…well, until Karma found out one big secret about Amy and Karma’s BF, Liam (Gregg Sulkin). Oops!

Out and Proud Teens: Shane Harvey (Michael J. Willett) is a renaissance gay character in that he’s a teen who’s already out, he’s proud of who he is and at Hester High he’s one of the most popular students. And in Season 2, he found love. Sure, Duke (Skyler Maxon) was a professionally closeted MMA fighter but Shane is such an inspiration that even Duke eventually came out and professed his love for Shane.

Shane and Duke taught us that wrestling can be sexy!

Learning Is Fun: While it may not be fun for the characters to go through the drama of coming out, the show went a step further in representing even those outside the LGBT spectrum when it was revealed that Lauren (Bailey De Young) was intersex. The show gave us a window into what being intersex is like and Lauren realized that maybe she’s the one more worried about it than anyone else since she even landed a boyfriend, Theo (Keith Powers), who wasn’t fazed about it. (Of course, Theo was revealed to be an undercover cop trying to break a love ring AND he told Lauren that their relationship was part of the cover. However, I know that Theo is back in the second half of the season so I suspect this story is not finished).

Romance/Sexy Time: You know with a cast this good looking we’re going to want to see them get some action and the show doesn’t disappoint. However, for every drunken boinkfest like Amy and Liam, there is also some romance. Even Shane and Duke fell for each other when originally they both probably thought it was just going to be some hot wrestling-turning-into-sex. And Amy found potential love in Reagan (Yvette Monreal), who can give her a more mature relationship and help Amy get over her romantic feelings for her BFF.

Secrets: And what this show does so well is give the characters oodles of secrets, which stirs up so, so much drama in the most delicious way (and also keeps the show’s title relevant!) Lauren’s secret was about being intersex, Amy and Liam had to keep their drunken liaison a secret from Karma and while Shane isn’t big on secrets, he got himself involved in a big one when he fell for Duke but then realized Duke wasn’t going to publicly come out because he may lose potential sports endorsement deals. Finally, besides his tryst with Amy, Liam also had been keeping his whacked out family a secret but even that was revealed.

After all that, what will the second half of the second season hold? We'll find out when "Faking It" returns in 2015.

I talked to the “Faking It” crew many times this year and here’s my on-set interview with Carter Covington, who developed the series for MTV, as he previews the show’s second season.

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"Faking It" returns in 2015 with ten more episodes. Premiere date is yet to be announced.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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