The Blend: Colin Farrell’s Plea, Does Blake Shelton Wants Adam Levine and ‘The Millers’ End Is Our Gain

Bette Midler: While you could say The Divine Miss M’s biggest TV triumph was being the final guest on Johnny Carson’s last night as host ofThe Tonight Show” (or her guest spot playing herself onSeinfeld“), she has always had a strong connection to the gay community from the time she was famously singing in bathhouses. In an interview with PrideSourceshe talks when that support began and her upcoming tour.

Adorable, right? Tovey with Jonathan Groff. (Instagram)

“Looking”: While it’s too early for me to post my on-set interviews with the cast from my recent trip to San Francisco, Russell Tovey has been blessing us with frequent Instagram photos with co-star Jonathan Groff from the set. The guys just wrapped shooting season two but we can always look to Tovey’s Instagram account for a little swooning (and more than a few shirtless pics, too!).  Thank you, Russell!

Colin Farrell: The Irish actor has always been admired by the gay community for his looks as well as his acting talent but over the weekend, Farrell talked to Sunday World about supporting his brother, who is gay, and how he’s never had an issue with gay people. He wrote the essay to help get laws passed for LGBT equality. Makes you like him more, doesn’t it? Here’s an excerpt from the eloquently worded essay: “This for me is all about the heart, not the gender. If it’s about the idea of love between consenting adults, then this referendum is as much a heterosexual issue as it is a gay issue. It is for all of us that civil marriage equality must be realised. There are too many things that divide us as a people, let not this be another one. Let this be about not only the matrimonial unity of a man and a man or a woman and a woman, but let it be also about the unity of a community, the unity of an island which has at its heart a gold that this vote speaks to. How often do we get to make history in our lives? Not just personal history. Familial. Social. Communal. Global. The world will be watching. We will lead by example. Let’s lead toward light.”

Lori Shannon played Beverly LaSalle on 'All In The Family'

“Late Show With David Letterman”: Dave had the fabulous Kristen Chenoweth on last week and besides looking fabulous, the singer/actress talked about the new performing arts center in her home state of Oklahoma as well as her new album and how Kim Kardashian ruined her day. Watch the clip here.

Paley Center For Media: Being a lover of TV since I was a kid in Indiana, when I first moved to Los Angeles almost 20 years ago, one of my first stops was the Beverly Hills location of the Paley Center For Media. I found old episodes of St. Elsewhere” and there was so much more that was available at the Center. Now, on the heels of last week’s successful Gala celebrating TV’s impact on the LGBT Equality, the Paley Center is expanding their LGBT library. One of the series that I’m going to venture to seek out is the episode of CBS’s iconic sitcom “All In The Family” where we first met the trans character of Beverly LaSalle (played by female impersonator Lori Shannon). It was a legendary moment and I had the chance to chat with series creator Norman Lear about the character and what he’s watching on TV today. The video will be posted right here on this site later this week. For more on the Paley Center for Media, visit the website.

Adam Levine & Blake Shelton at a press event for 'The Voice' (Getty)

Conan“: The sexy Adam Levine stopped by and shared with Conan O’Brien how Blake Shelton wants to have sex with him.  “I have platonic love for him…but sexually he’s just not my type, I guess,” said Levine. Hilarious or mocking, it’s tough not to love these guys for taking their bromance as far as they possibly can.

[iframe 560 340]

Faking It”: Curious what will happen next with Shane (Michael Willett) and Duke (Skyler Maxon) in the last two episodes before the midseason finale? I talked to Maxon for TheBacklot last week and he filled me in on that and how being a straight guy playing a gay role isn’t what it used to be.

The Millers:” I don’t know anyone that is heartbroken about the abrupt cancellation of the CBS sitcom only four episodes into its second season but the sad news is that while we have a slew of LGBT characters and actors on television these days, it does hurt when we lose one such character, especially when its played by an out actor like Sean Hayes. I personally was never a fan of the show and selfishly now hope that Margo Martindale can find more time to stir things up on “The Americans” and Beau Bridges can be more in the mix as the closeted character Barton Scully on “Masters Of Sex.” One point for “The Millers” cast is that even though the actors didn’t have to finish filming that last episode post-cancellation, they did anyway because it was the only way the crew would get paid. Bravo to no sour grapes.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:” With Kansas being the latest state to have its ban on marriage equality lifted, Fallon had a fun joke involving Kansas, Judy Garland and a certain wizard coming out of the closet. Fun stuff.

[iframe–Same-Sex-Marriage-Ban-Lifted%2C-Prince-Takes-a-Selfie/embed 580 476]

Also, Fallon had Channing Tatum on last week talking about his new film “Foxcatcher” but besides being adorable, you gotta love that Tatum is happy to make fun of himself.

[iframe 580 476]

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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