5 Things We Know About The Gay Dads on NBC’s new sitcom ‘Marry Me’

Dan Bucatinsky as Kevin 2 and Tim Meadows as Kevin 1 on 'Marry Me' (NBC)

We’re a little over a month away from the premiere of NBC’s new romantic sitcom “Marry Me” and, well, I’m a little excited about the show.

First, the show comes from creator David Caspe, who created the gone-too-soon ABC sitcom “Happy Endings” but Caspe brings a lot of the same manic charm to this series, which focuses on the engagement of Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino). With both of them having family and friends very involved in their lives, there is an endless supply of crazy antics and misfortunates that can happen with anyone on their way to the altar.

Part of the cast are Annie’s dads, a gay couple both named Kevin and played by Tim Meadows (“Saturday Night Live”) and Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal”). We find out pretty quick that Annie and her dads are super close and Caspe and his writing staff already have some fun ideas coming up for the dads as their daughter gets ready to walk down the aisle.

Having gotten an early peek at the hilarious and heartwarming pilot episode, here are five things we know about the gay dads on the new sitcom, which premieres October 14th on NBC.

The dads were inspired by Casey Wilson’s past: No, Wilson does not have gay parents but she told me about some men from her theater training days that influenced Annie having two gay dads. “It started because I went to Actor’s Theater of Louisville and there were these two guys, who were the patrons, and they would take the apprentices under their wings. Les and Larry, and everyone knows them in Louisville. I had so much fun with them all summer, hung out at their house and their hot tub and we did everything together and they called me Staci [Keanan] after “My Two Dads,” the girl in that [80s sitcom]. So I told David even though because I had a mom and a dad I feel I was called on some alternative universe and I was supposed to have two dads, like Les and Larry.”

Gay characters? Duh?!: Caspe brought us one of our favorite gay characters in Max (Adam Pally), who was almost the anti-gay stereotype since he didn’t necessarily care how he looked or if his body was perfect or if he was aspiring to have a prestigious career. “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have gay people in their lives. It would almost be weird to not have it. A, it wouldn’t feel real to me but, B, it would just feel really false and I don’t think doing a stereotype that we’ve seen on TV helps so I’m always looking for a different angle so I don’t think we’ve seen gay parents with a grown up before.”

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They’re an interracial couple: Meadows told me there’s been a lack of anyone having an issue with the dads for being gay or for being of different races. “I haven’t gotten any negative or weird or questionable feedback from anybody. It’s a pretty accepted thing and it’s an interracial couple, too. An African American and white gay couple and nobody has mentioned that either!”

Caspe also told me the interracial element definitely wasn’t in his mind when creating the characters. “It didn’t occur to me, which is funny,” Caspe told me. “But the same on “Happy Endings” that Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) were interracial. I had people point it out and, I don’t know, I guess. The generation right before us was the last generation to care or notice that. It would be odd to me if anyone cared.”

Bride Wars, gay style: Since Annie and Jake are engaged in the first episode (no spoiler given the title of the show!), there might be some comedic competition looming for them. “A writer in our writers’ room, Matt McConkey, pitched this idea that now that it’s legal to get married in Illinois, so the dads decide to get engaged. Annie is really happy for them but then it becomes a Bride Wars kind of thing. Casey wrote the movie “Bride Wars” with her partner, June [Diane Raphael] so that’s weird.”

Musical theater for everyone: Of course, having two fabulous parents sounds like a blessing but Wilson said we’ll see some sides of Annie that directly come from being raised by two dads. “I think it’s funny because they’re so doting on her that she has become a little selfish because she thinks the world is revolving around her,” Wilson told me. “It’s really more of being an only child but these two dads have loved her so much that she kind of thinks the world revolves around her and loves musical theater and is very emotional and passionate so for us it made sense.”

“Marry Me” premieres October 14th at 9pm on NBC.  

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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