‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale Shocker: [SPOILER] Is Dead!!??

[Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched last night's summer finale of "Pretty Little Liars," do not read on. Major spoilers ahead!]

We had a Mona-riffic episode last night...but what happened by the end changes a lot! (ABC Family)

Once she said goodbye to her mother, I knew who was going to die.

Yep, Mona bit the dust last night on “Pretty Little Liars.”

The series starts on Thanksgiving Day and someone has died. We only see Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Ezra (Ian Harding) so you might wonder if maybe Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has died…or Toby (Keegan Allen)…or Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). But a text from A saying ‘It’s all your fault’ tells us there’s much more to the story.

We go back 36 hours and see Alison (Sasha Pieterse), in full on robot mode, hooked up to a lie detector telling about that fateful night when she supposedly died (the same night where we first met the girls in the pilot to the series.)

Ironic that when the girls show up at Mona’s (Janel Parrish) home and she says, ‘Why the grim faces? Did somebody die?’ The girls think Mona can help and when she asks why she thinks she can help them. Aria says what we’re all thinking, ‘Because you’re Mona.’ (She’s so right!)

I have to say I love that we get glimpses of the Spencer/Mona rivalry in terms of book smarts like the quote of Churchill's and later when they're in full nurse mode. (That will make sense soon. Read on.) Mona also apologizes to the girl for taking out her anger about Alison on them and, yes, I believe her.

And while I was hoping for a little Noel Kahn in this episode (we see Brant Daugherty’s face on the poster as one of the potential characters who could die), we get Lucas instead. He’s helping Mona and a fun cat and mouse begins trying to figure out what exactly Alison is telling the police. And doesn’t it send chills up your spine when Mona says, about Alison, “You think you can be crazy and not know it?”

Since Paige is looking hotter than ever, isn't it time she and Emily got back together? (ABCFamily)

At school, Mona again lays it all out for the girls and, more chills, when she tells the girls that they're the perfect group for Alison to manipulate. They're pretty sure she's A and that she's ending the game. Mona offers to find out what she's told the cops.

Hanna: Mona, why are you helping us?

Mona: I got early acceptance letters from three colleges but I still have to survive senior year and I can’t do it alone.

It’s time to catch up on the various relationships and we get some Emily/Paige (Lindsey Shaw) goodness and thank God Paige is the one to say she’s tired of talking. Let’s get these two gals back in each other’s arms, okay? Like, NOW! We also see Ezra and Aria carving pumpkins and Toby in his cop’s uniform flirting with Spencer. (It is at this point that I thought maybe it would be Toby to die since one of TV’s clues is always cementing a relationship only to have it torn apart.)

But we're quickly back to the drama at hand and Lucas is at the police station and ever-so-easily puts a device on a computer and Mona (in a bathroom stall at school, of course!) is able to link in and get hold of Ali's taped lie detector test. How'd she do that? Because she's Mona!

Nurse time for Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Mona (Janel Parrish). (ABCFamily)

The girls now know what Ali told the police and we know that Spencer is going to be implicated in the death of Bethany Young (remember? The girl who was accidentally buried alive by Spencer's sister, Melissa). They have to fix things fast so, because this is what anyone would do, you put on a nurse's uniform and break into Radley!

The girls and Mona are all now working together full-on (as the hashtag #liarsunite tells us!) and Lucas distracts the cops, Aria distracts the nurse at Radley (who holds the keys to the file room) and Spencer and Mona find files and tape recordings of Bethany's sessions at Radley. Also, keeping the Spencer/Mona school competition alive, we find out Mona declined the three schools she was accepted into because they weren't full rides. (We also hear that Spencer hasn't heard from any of the colleges she's applied to).

After a sweet phone call with Paige (it's back ON, right?!), Emily is in her room keeping Alison busy since, assuming she's A, she'll try to disrupt what's going on at Radley. Alison clues into this pretty quick and, come on, Sasha Pieterse plays unhinged Alison so well! But, wait, as Alison leaves Emily's house, Paige has just arrived and, seeing Alison get in the car with two minions who are dressed like nerd Mona, she gets back in her car and follows her. Good lesbian!

The next day the girls regroup while Mona goes over the Radley files. She says goodbye to her mother, who expects to see her at Thanksgiving dinner later that day but there was something final about their goodbye, don't you think? Not in a planned way but in a 'we're seeing this goodbye because it's the last time Mona will see her mother alive." Oh dear…

RIP Mona

Mona calls the girls telling them she knows for a fact that Alison is A and, well, someone with blonde hair shows up and it’s buh-bye Mona.

We don't see the murder and we find out the police have ruled this a homicide due to the amount of blood in the house. The police name Mona as the person murdered but, this being "PLL," there's no body!

But, since we're also savvy enough to know that the show likes to make us think people are dead, we see Mona in the trunk of A's car. Eyes are wide open but in the dead kind of way. #RIPMona!

Pretty Little Liars is back on October 21st for it’s annual Halloween special. 

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