‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Is Back. More Slaps Between Flagg And Altman?

Josh Flagg in 'Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles' (Bravo)

It’s season number seven for Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” and the first thing you’ll notice is that openly gay cast member Madison Hildebrand is gone while two new faces, David Parnes and James Harris, have joined. Working as a team, Parnes and Harris are seen in tonight’s season premiere already having a foothold on the Los Angeles market and also being well aware of competitors Josh Flagg and Josh Altman.

Altman, a cast member on the reality series since season 4, is back, engaged and still looking for the big deals and not appearing to care who he alienates in the process. Flagg, the only cast member who has been around since the inception of the Los Angeles version of the franchise, faces the new competitors as well as Altman, who he had such contention with last season that he physically slapped him while the cameras are rolling.

Flagg, who came out publicly in 2011, is known for his prowess in the real estate industry but is also known for his quick, snarky responses, which you'll get a taste of in his short-and-not-so-sweet replies to our email questions about the new season of the show. Though Flagg doesn't get into lengthy answers, does it make you want to watch him on the new season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?" My guess is that Flagg doesn't care as long as he's selling houses and making money. You be the judge.

There are some new faces in the new season. With David and James working as a team, would you say double the power in the real estate field? Or just more wind?

Josh Flagg: There’s enough business to go around for everyone. All of us have different styles of selling and are unique in our own ways.

The 'Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles' cast: (l-r) Josh Altman, Flagg, James Harris & David Parnes. (Bravo)

Biggest revelation - Josh Flagg sometimes answers his own phone! Do you get flack for that or is it just smart business?

JF: It’s simple. When someone calls me, I answer the phone.

That said, you have new assistants in the office. In your opinion, what is the number one rule to being a good assistant for you?

JF: How would I know? Ask my assistants.

You get an eccentric client in the season premiere. Was she just trying to throw you off your game with her kookiness?

JF: I don’t judge my clients for their personalities, I just sell their houses.

You and Josh Altman are not what you would call friends (slap!) but will we see a more amicable relationship between the two of you this season or will it be worse than ever? 

JF: No comment. :-)

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Million-Dollar-Listing-Los-Angeles/8259865813316170112/304824899733/Mo%E2%80%99-Money%2C-Mo%E2%80%99-Problems%2C-Mo%E2%80%99-Competition/embed 580 476]

I live in LA and know it can be something of a flaky town. Can you weed through the flakes or does it not matter if their $$$ is real?

JF: I could care less where their money comes from. If they have the money to buy the house, it’s good enough for me. Money is green no matter where it comes from!

What’s new in your relationship this season? 

JF: Everything is great.

In the season trailer, we see you in a wheelchair. What happened?

JF: You’ll just have to watch and see!

Safe to say at this point, the cameras are pretty much invisible to you? 

JF: Correct.

The LA market has been rough in the past decade. Has it recovered or still in a healing stage?

JF: It has recovered.

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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