Did The ‘Hit The Floor’ Finale Score OR Deserve a Technical Foul? What About Jude And Zero?

[Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched last night's season finale of "Hit The Floor," do not read ahead. Spoilers aplenty!]

Season finales are tricky things. In some ways, the audience wants a certain amount of story paid off since that's what's kept us coming back episode after episode. There's also the line of just how much do you tell or wrap up since the hope is that we'll get another season of goodness.

So did the second season finale of VH1’s addictive soap Hit The Floordeliver?

Hells yes. 

And while we didn’t get Jude (Brent Antonello) and Zero (Adam Senn) in the happily ever after zone, the steps forward in their story felt right and will lead us further into the show’s third season.

Brent Antonello (and his towel) as Jude in 'Hit The Floor' (VH1)

Early in the episode we get Jude shirtless with a towel around his neck getting grilled about where he was the night Olivia was murdered. He's nervous that he's a suspect yet but, alas, he never takes that towel off his neck. Curse you, modesty!

Later, Jude shows up to see Zero, who notices how unusually tense he is even for Jude. Before any action can take place, a messenger delivers an wedding invitation to Jude with a Post-It (because Post-Its are classy!) saying Oscar (Don Stark) needs his discarded son to be “Man Of Honor” when he marries…Lionel (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)!? WTF?! For someone who told Jude he didn’t have a son anymore, Oscar is doing such a fatherly thing, isn’t he?

Zero (Adam Senn) knows exactly how to ease Jude's stress.

Arriving at the wedding, Jude stands by as some dim-witted honey flirts with Zero. Green-eyed monster alert!

We already had Joe Lando and Nicholas Turturro in the episode but the guest star award for this episode goes to Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks“) who is playing the minister marrying Oscar and Lionel. Bravo, Casting!  During the wedding, Lionel reveals she didn’t sign the pre-nup and Oscar doesn’t seem to mind, which means one of them is smarter than the other. But which one remains to be seen…for a few minutes anyway.

The final game is a success and while Terence (Rob Riley) suffers a career-threatening injury, the Devils win it all.  Afterwards, Zero is doing some press when he and Jude share a knowing look. But that moment and everyone else's is interrupted when the cops show up and arrest…Oscar!

The cop says quietly to Oscar that he has no choice but to arrest him for Mia's murder but he does tell him that Sloane is the one who gave up the evidence. "You have no idea what you've done," seethes Oscar to Sloane as he's taken away. But did Oscar really do the deed? Let's keep watching.


Jude is smart enough to know it's best to have Lionel (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) on your side.

We do get a second marriage proposal of the female variety when Kyle (Katherine Bailess) asks Raquel (Valery Ortiz) to take the plunge, especially now that they can get married in California! Sure it’s a marriage of convenience but it solves both their problems, for now.

Interesting that Lionel is now in charge of everything involving the Devils by Oscar's proxy. Sloane shows up and they have a moment alone where Lionel thanks her for getting rid of Oscar. Sloane says she can have it all and is going to quit. Lionel yields her new power and tells Sloane that she's not quitting and that her staying with the Devils is the only thing basically keeping her alive. Irony!

Jude lays it on the line for Zero. (Yes, folks, Jude has a pair!)

Jude and Zero have it out in the locker room. Zero doesn't want to be number two on the court or his career but Jude gets all in his face about how he wants to be in a relationship with Zero and, for the millionth time. Zero reminds him he's been clear from the start that he doesn't do relationships. "After the game all I wanted to do was kiss you," says Jude. But instead of being a whiny fifth grade girl, Jude shows some new strength knowing what he wants and he knows that Zero can't handle anything real and that he's buried under disguises. It's not even about sexuality, which is a nice touch by the writers.

Jude is done and moves to leave and Zero stops him and he tells him his real name is Gideon. (Gasp!) Jude says he'd love to take Gideon on a public date and exits leaving Zero/Gideon with a lot to ponder. And while we'll have to wait until Season 3 to see what happens next, I like where things ended for now.

Zero opens up to reveal his real name is Gideon. Too little, too late? Season 3, baby!

To wrap up the episode (and the season), Sloane fires Ahsha and puppet master Lionel is pleased. Sloane later finds out that Oscar is being charged not only with Mia's murder but also Olivia's. He killed Olivia to shut her up about Mia? If not Oscar, who else could have done it? Derek  (McKinley Freeman) shows up and tells Sloane and Pete (Dean Cain) that he’s looking for Ahsha (Taylour Paige) but, alas, she’s not there and we know she and her battered heart are moving on.

We have a lovely end-of-episode  montage showing our various characters in various places. Jude is alone on the court, Kyle burns implicating papers and we find out it’s not Sloane who killed Olivia (admit it, she was number 1 on your list, wasn’t she?). It was German Vega (Jonathan McDaniel), who is now romancing Ahsha. Uh-oh! I did NOT see that one coming. Did you?

And that’s a wrap on season 2 of “Hit The Floor!’ Now we wait..for season three next year.

Catch up on “Hit The Floor” episodes here on XFINITY. “Hit The Floor” has been renewed for a third season so look for it in 2015 on VH1.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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