The Blend at TCAs: Is ‘Supernatural” Baiting The Gays? “Marry Me’s” Gay Dads And Gay Men Singing!

Since the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour is still going on in Beverly Hills through next Wednesday, I’ve got a second Blend post this week with all sorts of LGBT goodness of what we’ll be seeing on our TVs this fall as well as a bit of eye candy and gay men singing. Let’s dive in!

Teen Wolf:” No real news here in terms of storylines but if you’ve taken a shine to Deputy Parrish, played by hunky Ryan Kelley, you’ll want to check out the sexy photos that TheBacklot ran exclusively earlier this week. You’re welcome.

The "Marry Me" Cast: (l-r) Tymberlee Hill, Ken Marino, Casey Wilson, Tim Meadows, Sarah Wright, John Gemberling (NBC)

“Marry Me:” The new romantic sitcom comes from David Caspe, who also was the man behind the gone-too-soon sitcom, “Happy Endings,” but the one through-line in terms of the cast is Casey Wilson. Wilson may be engaged to Caspe but she’s also a comic force and brings that to the new series about the engagement of Annie (Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) and Annie happens to have two gay dads, played by Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky. Asked during the panel how much the dads will figure into the series, Caspe explained, “I think we’re going to do a lot of stories with the dads.  We’re so excited to have Tim Meadows, of whom I’m a gigantic fan. So we’re going to do a lot of stories with them.” He added, “there were some jokes in the pilot that [Annie’s] dramatic because her dads named her after a musical.  So I think it will inform who she is as anyone’s parents inform who she is.  I don’t know if it’s specific to them being gay, but just they will be a presence in the show.” And, yes, Bucatinsky may be busy on “Web Therapy” and “The Comeback” but he will be seen in the show, too. (“Marry Me” premieres October 14th on NBC.)

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Supernatural:” Ever hear the term “queer baiting” in terms of a TV show? It’s essentially when a show creates the notion of a same sex romance or liaison but never really delivers. That’s what’s been going on over at the long-running CW series at least in the eyes of its rabid fan base, who, according to a story on, are not happy. Things could be interesting when showrunner Jeremy Carver takes to the TCA stage today with stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki to talk about the upcoming new season.

Michael Sam at the ESPYS: In case you missed Sam’s heartfelt acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, check out yesterday’s post, which also includes photos of Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano.

“The McCarthys:” CBS Chairman of Entertainment Nina Tassler was asked during yesterday’s TCA Executive Session about diversity on the network and she pointed to the new sitcom, “The McCarthys,” which features a gay character.  Tyler Ritter (son to John Ritter and brother to Jason Ritter) stars as Ronnie, who, when the series begins, has been out of the closet for two years with his Boston family fully accepting of it.

Tassler stated of the series, “It’s based on [series creator] Brian Gallivan’s life.  One of the lead characters is gay and this is his story and this is his family.  So we have a creative obligation to support his vision and tell his story. And that character happens to be a young gay man.  So the reality is we have to look at making the best choices, hiring the best actors. And if we don’t get the level of diversity we’re happy with going into the fall, we look for every opportunity through the course of the entire year to add it.” While there’s also news that the often tasteless “Two And A Half Men” will feature a same-sex marriage between stars Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer for the sake of adopting a child, I will hold off judgment until I see the episodes. (“The McCarthys”premieres this October on CBS)

Los Angeles Gay Mens Chorus 35th Anniversary: If you’re in L.A. and need something to fill your evenings, the L.A. Gay Mens Chorus will be performing their anniversary concert at Disney Hall and the shows (July 19th and 20th) will include the Southern California debut of the “I Am Harvey Milk” performance honoring slain gay activist Harvey Milk. For details on tickets and venue, visit the website.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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