The Blend: ‘The Night Shift’ Gets Season 2 and Sean Hayes Books ‘The Millers’

Good news for fans of 'The Night Shift.' (NBC)

The Night Shift:” Good news for the freshman NBC medical drama in that a second season has been ordered. While the show isn’t breaking the mold in terms of medical dramas, I find myself liking the cast more and more and only hope the show can make itself stand a bit outside of the cookie cutter hospital genre. That said, it does have a gay character in the main cast, Brendan Fehr’s Drew Alister, and they’ve depicted his dealing with being gay at the workplace well in the first crop of episodes. Another bonus to another season? A chance to bring back Luke Macfarlane, who guested recently as the BF of Fehr’s character. (In case you missed it, check out my interview with Macfarlane about his guest role and how gay couples handle life in the military)

The Millers:” Sean Hayes’ last series, “Sean Saves The World” may have tanked last fall but the actor will be back on our TV’s very soon as he’s  joining CBS’s hit sitcom “The Millers” when the series returns for its second season. According to the CBS press release that came out yesterday, “Hayes will play Kip Withers, Carol Miller’s (Margo Martindale) new best friend and a new source of friction for Carol’s son, Nathan (Will Arnett).”  We’ll meet Hayes’ character in the season premiere. No word yet from CBS as to whether the character will be gay or not.

“From Russia With Love:” While it’s easy to think of the Sochi Olympics as a thing of the past but EPIX  is bringing an original documentary about equality as seen through the eyes of gay Olympic athletes in “From Russia With Love,” which will air in October. Bringing together two generations of LGBT Olympic athletes including iconic athletes like Billie Jean King and Greg Louganis as well as contemporary LGBT athletes, the documentary will look at the experiences these athletes have had. The film also features Johnny Weir, who will serves as our guide in the film. Can’t wait for this one!

Same Sex Parents & Their Kids: For those who don’t think same sex parents are good for children, reports on a study saying that just isn’t true one bit! The report on the study can also be found here.

Neal Baer with SVU actress Mariska Hargitay (Getty)

Neal Baer: I’ve interviewed the busy TV producer/writer several times over the years for his work in series like “ER,” “Law & Order: SVU ” and his current gig with CBS’s hit summer series, “Under The Dome ,” but we’d never talked his personal life, which he made very public recently by announcing that he’s come out of the closet. Baer wrote a wonderful piece for the Huffington Post about his journey and why he waited until he was in his 50s before coming out of the closet. Great read and a great guy.

Chasing Life:” Proving that it is working on becoming one of the gayest places on your TV to find LGBT characters, the new ABC Family drama has added a lesbian character. My pals at have the skinny on the news.

Tammy:” I was personally surprised that I liked the new Melissa McCarthy movie that follows a woman on a road trip with her saucy grandmother (Susan Sarandon) and finds adventure, love and maybe gets her life straightened out in the process. The trailer, I think, undersells it as just a series of McCarthy doing physical comedy and spouting one-liners. Those things do exist but there’s more depth than I expected. There are also gay characters in a couple played by Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh which makes a nice, subtle statement about gay couples. I had the pleasure of talking to McCarthy, Sarandon and co-stars Bates, Ben Falcone (who co-wrote the script with real life wife McCarthy as well as his first directing effort), Gary Cole and Mark DuPlass during the L.A. press day for the film. Check out the video interviews on

Outfest 2014: While you may find a lot of LGBT films here On Demand on XFINITY, they first regularly hit the gay film festival circuit and one of the biggest and best of those is Los Angeles’s Outfest, which kicks off July 10th. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in this year’s collection of the best in LGBT films by both established and up and coming artists.

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Slash Madness: Also over at TheBacklot, their annual Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament is about to begin and they’re looking for nominations. Last year’s tourney brought in 9 million votes so if you have a favorite m/m TV coupling you’d like to vote for, do it here. To be clear, the site defines ‘slash’ as “non-canon male couples.” We’re looking for fantasy male couples that exist only in subtext and the alternate universe of slash fanfic and fanart. Like SterekStannoDestielMerthurKirk/Spock, etc. That means that real people like those One Direction guys or actual textual gay couples, like Klaine or “Modern Family‘s” Cam & Mitchell would not be included in this tournament. Finally, we’re leaving popular femslash couples to our sisters over at AfterEllen.’ (FYI, Destiel from “Supernatural ” won last year!)

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.