Gregg Sulkin Teases Big Cliffhanger On Tonight’s ‘Faking It’ Finale!

What would Gregg Sulkin do if he were writing Season 2? He told us! (photo: Ryder Sloane)

What a wild ride the first season of MTV’s “Faking It” has taken us lucky viewers on!

First, Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens) hatched a plan to pretend to be lesbians for the sake of popularity but that came with some surprises – Karma fell for str8 guy Liam (Gregg Sulkin) while Amy realized she wasn’t faking it as much as she thought and relied on the friendship of gay Shane (Michael Willett) to help her figure things out.

One other good thing that happened? MTV renewed the freshman comedy for a second season yesterday so we’ll get back to Hester High with more adventures soon!

For the finale, though, I talked with Sulkin, who previewed what we’re going to see, what he’d like to see in the second season (which, at the time of our chat wasn’t confirmed yet) and what else the busy British actor is working on during his hiatus.

Can’t believe we’re at the finale already!  

Gregg Sulkin: Neither can I! It’s been a great first season!

Liam found out about the ‘faking it’ scam with Amy/Karma in the last episode…how does he feel about going along with it?

GS: You will have to tune in to the finale to find out! Let’s just say, his actions may have some serious consequences….

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Liam mentions something to Karma in the finale about his family being good at lying. Safe to say he has a few trust issues?

GS: I think so. I think Liam has had an interesting childhood. He was brought up in a very materialistic and false environment, as well as lacking affection from his so-called parents….that in effect, has let to him being quite guarded.

Think Liam will regret being vulnerable with Karma and letting his true feelings out about her?

GS: I think it’s only natural that when you find someone really special, you realize they have the power and capability to make you pour out your emotions.

Amy and Karma are having their challenges in their friendship…do you think anything could come between Shane and Liam to end (or severely fracture) their friendship? Is that even possible?

GS: Yes. I think if we are fortunate enough to get a season 2, you may see a bit of friction between Liam and Shane. Who knows? It could be because of what happens in the finale of season 1!

You've had your shirt off a lot during the show. Are shirtless days on set good days? Or days you're just craving a pizza or burgers?

GS: Are they good days? It is what it is. Do I crave junk food? Of course. I’m a boy. A growing one who loves to eat!

From what you hear on Twitter/Instagram, do fans want Karma with Liam or Amy more??

GS: I think it’s 50/50. That’s what I think makes the show unique and different. There’s a love triangle between 3 characters who are genuine, likable and relatable. You route for both relationships.

Can fans expect a season ending cliffhanger??

GS: You bet! It’s honestly a VERY good, well written, dramatic episode. I think the fans are in for a real treat. It’s BY FAR, the best episode of the show so far.

If you were in the writers room, what would you like to see for Liam in Season 2?

GS: I want him to start off a little darker. Really want to somehow convince MTV to let me shave my head….but they keep telling me they like my hair too much!”

What else are you working on??

GS: I have 2 feature films coming out soon. “Affluenza comes out in theatres July 11th. “Another Me” comes out towards the end of this year. And I’m currently in London shooting another feature (horror) film “Don’t Hang Up” with 2 French directors, who were the Oscar winners for visual effects for “Gravity.” They are so, so, so talented. It’s a blast. Very intense. But so worth it!!

The season finale of “Faking It” airs tonight at 10:30pm on MTV.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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