Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson On Why You’ll Love ‘Power’s’ Male Lead


Omari Hardwick as James "Ghost' St. Patrick in Power. (Photo: Starz)

I recently attended a screening of Starz’s new series “Power” in Chicago and let me tell you, attendees loved it. Omari Hardwick, who stars in the lead role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, and Chi-Town native Joseph Sikora, who stars as Ghost’s childhood friend and business partner Tommy, were also on deck to get the crowd hyped about “Power’s” Saturday premiere. 

"Power" follows the life of Ghost, one of New York City's biggest drug dealers. This married father of three is looking to turn legit and opens a nightclub to help materialize his dream.  Sure, Ghost is a criminal who’s helping to flood the streets with nasty narcotics but like most TV characters of this ilk (Tony Soprano, Ray Donovan and Walter White, to name a few), you find yourself rooting for him anyway. I mean, though he’s no-nonsense (he gets his hands bloody right away), Ghost’s very likable. He's a responsible family man, has never cheated on his wife (yep, they do exist!), aspires to transform into a legitimate businessman, looks very good and is charming. Plus, we get to see Omari's beautifully-crafted body throughout the series (READ: nude scenes!). C'mon, what's there not to like? But, like anyone shooting for the light, the forces of darkness will come after you and that’s what you see in this series (at least from the first three episodes I watched). Hip-hop mogul and “Power” executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson shares more insight with XFINITY on Ghost’s character and why you’ll immediately want to ride with him: 

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick and Omari Hardwick as James "Ghost" St. Patrick . (Photo: Starz)

"Omari's character is not a good guy but you'll have compassion for him at some points, because he's lived the American dream on some levels coming from nothing to the point where he's at. He's actually struggling with 'what if I did it the right way' and intending on trying to make a transition while the people around aren't necessary open."

Along with Omari and Joseph, “Power” stars Naturi Naughton as his wife Tasha, Lela Loren as his childhood crush Angela, Debbi Morgan as his mother-in-law, 50 Cent as his imprisoned mentor Kanan. Victor Garber also will have a recurring role as Simon Stern, a successful nightclub owner, and guess which NBA star’s wife stars as Tasha’s BFF? Nice! Intrigued, yet? Before you watch the pilot episode (Yes! It’s available online or with XFINITY On Demand), check out what show runner Courtney Kemp Agboh, the creative mind behind “Power,” told XFINITY about the first episode: 

"It actually didn't change from its original conception. We were always going to start in that closet with Ghost getting dressed and moving through. And then he and Tasha leaving for the club, all of those things leading right into the club and all of that atmosphere-it's one of the greatest things about the show. I think you really get an understanding of what we're intending to do. And the way it looked in my head is exactly the way you see it on screen."

Watch the pilot episode of "Power" and let me know what you think. It airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST on Starz.

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