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'The Bob Newhart Show' (Shout Factory)

The Bob Newhart Show

Dr. Hartley will see you now…Shout! Factory has released ‘The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Series,’ a 19-DVD box set of the iconic TV show, on DVD. The box set includes new interviews with Bob Newhart, Jack Riley, Bill Daily, Peter Bonerz, and Michael Zinberg, The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary from 1991, the original unaired pilot, audio commentaries, a gag reel, and a 40-page book including an essay by the Emmy-winning writer Vince Waldron. This sitcom classic stars the incomparable Bob Newhart as Dr. Robert Hartley, a Chicago psychologist who finds himself surrounded by some unusual and neurotic characters on the job, as well as at home. Hartley faces an uphill battle to not lose patience with his patients, but with the support of his quick-witted wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), you can count on him to conduct a healthy session of laugh therapy in all 142 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show. An outstanding supporting cast is on call to back up Newhart and Pleshette, including Bill Daily (I Dream of Jeannie), Peter Bonerz (Murphy Brown), Jack Riley (Rugrats, Spaceballs), and Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons). Buy the complete series DVD right here.

An Adventure in Space and Time

BBC Home Entertainment announces the release of ‘An Adventure in Space and Time,’ now available in a Blu-ray & DVD combo pack. Travel back in time over 50 years to witness the creation of an icon – the birth of Doctor Who at the BBC – with this touching film from award-winning writer and executive producer Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Doctor Who) and director Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad) and executive producers Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock) and Caroline Skinner (Doctor Who, The Fades). In addition to the film, the combo pack includes the very first Doctor Who story, “An Unearthly Child.” ,” in its entirety.  Packed with bonus features, this combo pack is an origin story for the uninitiated and a love letter for the fans. An Adventure in Space and Time premiered in November 2013 on BBC America as part of the channel’s celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.  An Adventure in Space and Time is a co-production between BBC Cymru Wales and BBC America. What do you get when you mix C.S. Lewis with H.G. Wells, and sprinkle in a bit of Father Christmas? An alien Time Lord exploring space and time in a Police Box spaceship called the “TARDIS” (Time And Relative Dimension in Space). On November 23, 1963, a television legend began when the very first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast on BBC One.  Actor William Hartnell (David Bradley, the Harry Potter films, Game of Thrones) felt typecast by a succession of tough-guy roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambert (Jessica Raine, Call the Midwife) was frustrated by the TV industry’s glass ceiling for women. Both of them were to find unlikely hope and unexpected challenges in the form of a Saturday afternoon drama filled with time travel and monsters. Allied with a brilliant creative team, including novice director Waris Hussein (Sacha Dhawan, After Earth) and Head of Drama for the BBC Sydney Newman (Brian Cox, The Bourne Identity, X2 X-Men United), they went on to introduce the world to the longest running science fiction series ever. But all good things come to an end. How will Hartnell face leaving behind the part that has made him a hero to millions of children? And can the show survive without him? Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Death Spa

The new fitness club in town has everything a health nut could ever want: a variety of workout machines, classes taught by friendly (and frisky) instructors, and a state-of-the-art computer control system for maximum client comfort. Unfortunately, it’s also possessed by the evil spirit of the owner’s dead wife, and before long every dumbbell, leg press and rowing machine becomes a deadly weapon for her to enact bloody vengeance on the club’s beautiful members. Everyone gets a real workout from hell in ‘Death Spa,’ a new exercise in terror starring William Bumiller (24, Boat Trip), Brenda Bakke (American Gothic), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Rosalind Cash (Omega Man). This remastered reissue of the frighteningly fun 1989 shocker is available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray – and both formats are included in this combo pack. Special features include audio commentary, a making-of featurette and trailers. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Universe

The best-selling History series ‘The Universe: Season 7 ‘- Ancient Mysteries Solved is now available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Continue to explore the most fascinating mysteries and hidden secrets in the Universe’s lifetime with this bestselling series. How were ancient builders, including those at Stonehenge, able to create structures around the world with one consistent unit of measurement – the “megalithic yard”- despite being oceans apart? This premium History miniseries event uses experts and CGI from ‘The Universe’ to reveal the answer and demonstrate how our past is connected to the history of the universe. Buy the Season 7 Blu-ray right here.


Academy Award-winner Colin Firth (Best Actor, The King’s Speech, 2010) and Cameron Diaz (The Other Woman) form an unlikely duo as an art curator and rodeo queen who pair up to con a wealthy collector in ‘Gambit,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A remake of the 1966 caper comedy, ‘Gambit’ also stars Alan Rickman (Harry Potter franchise), Academy Award-nominee Stanley Tucci (Best Supporting Actor, The Lovely Bones, 2009) and Academy Award-winner Cloris Leachman (Best Supporting Actress, The Last Picture Show, 1971). Directed by Michael Hoffman from a screenplay by four-time Academy Award-winners Joel and Ethan Coen (Best Original Screenplay, Fargo, 1996), ‘Gambit’ is based on a short story by Sidney Carroll.  The film was produced by Mike Lobell, Rob Paris and Adam Ripp, with Philip Elway and Rizal Risjad serving as executive producers. From Oscar-winning screenwriters Joel and Ethan Coen and director Michael Hoffman comes the comedy ‘Gambit.’ Curator Harry Deane is an expert in fine art, but he spends most of his days taking abuse from his boss.  That’s about to change.  Pushed to the brink, Deane decides to show his employer, England’s richest man,that his real expertise is in the art of revenge.  The plan – trick the avid art collector into buying a fake Monet painting with the help of an eccentric Texas rodeo queen.  The risks are huge, but so is the payback…though a finely-crafted con is only as believable as its artist. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Tapped Out

Enjoy the action-packed underdog story ‘Tapped Out,’ now available on DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet), Digital HD, Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring MMA Champion Krzysztof Soszynski (Here Comes The Boom), MMA Champion Anderson Silva (Like Water), MMA Champion Lyoto Machida, Jess Brown (TV’s “Omega”), Daniel Faraldo (Anything Goes), along with Martin Kove (The Karate Kid trilogy) and Michael Biehn (Grindhouse), ‘Tapped Out’ follows a former Karate prodigy who decides to compete in an MMA tournament to avenge his family’s death. Former Karate prodigy, Michael Shaw returns to his roots when he is sentenced to community service at a rundown Karate school. When he spots the man who killed his family at a local MMA fight, he goes behind his Karate master’s back and trains harder than ever before to compete in an upcoming MMA tournament. Soon, he will go toe-to-toe in the ring with his parents’ killer and he won’t stop until the last punch knocks his opponent to the ground, leaving him ‘Tapped Out.’ Buy the DVD right here.

Sleepaway Camp

Fans of celebrated cult film writer/producer/director Robert Hiltzik know well the shocking tale of cult slasher thriller Sleepaway Camp (1983).  Hailed by fans and critics alike as one of the all-time greatest twisted endings in horror film cinema, this film spawned a sleuth of popular Sleepaway Camp sequels. Scream Factory invites loyal fans and horror enthusiasts to relive the thrills and suspense of this all-time 80s cult slasher classic with the release of ‘Sleepway Camp Collector’s Edition’ on Blu-ray, packed with insightful bonus content and all-new interviews, arrives on home entertainment shelves in the U.S and Canada. This definitive collector’s edition also contains a collectible cover, featuring newly rendered retro-style artwork, a reversible cover wrap with original theatrical key art. Welcome to Camp Arawak, where teenagers learn to experience the joys of nature, as well as each other.  But when these happy campers begin to die in a series of horrible “accidents”, they discover that someone – or something – has turned their summer of fun into a vacation to dismember. Buy the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Cimarron Strip

The Cimarron Strip, the border region between the Kansas Territory and Indian Territory, was a dangerous place in the late 19th century, and it was up to one man to keep the peace: the tough-as-nails U.S. Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman). ‘Cimarron Strip’ The Complete Series is now available on DVD in a collector’s set including all 23 feature-length episodes – over 27 hours of classic Western action – on 8 DVDs. Airing on CBS from September 1967 to March of 1968, the series was produced by the creators of “Gunsmoke”, and was one of only three 90-minute weekly Western series that aired during the 1960s (the others are “The Virginian” and, for one season, “Wagon Train”) and the only 90-minute series of any kind to be centered primarily around one lead character. Set in 1888 as the frontier was closing, U.S. Marshall Crown was assigned to protect Cimarron and surrounding areas, following a stint cleaning up Abilene.  Arriving to find that the local sheriff had resigned, it falls upon Crown to keep law and order in a lawless land.  With a star turn by Whitman, a memorable theme from Oscar-winning composer Maurice Jarre (multiple Academy Award nominee and winner for Doctor Zhivago, A Passage to India) and guest stars including Beau Bridges, David Carradine, Seymour Cassel, Joseph Cotton, Robert Duvall, Victor French, Mariette Hartley, Darren McGavin, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Oates, Slim Pickens, Suzanne Pleshette, Denver Pyle, Telly Savalas, John Saxon, Tom Skerrit, Harry Dean Stanton, Jon Voight, Tuesday Weld and many more, it’s a series that will forever be remembered as one of the 60s classic TV Westerns. Buy the complete series DVD right here.

Pioneers of Television

‘Pioneers of Television’ Season 4 is now available on DVD. Standup comedians who landed sitcoms, TV doctors and nurses, standout comedy actors, and the people who broke the color barrier on television are the subjects explored in the fourth season of this Emmy-nominated series. New interviews with legendary stars, including Robin Williams, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Bob Newhart and Dick Van Dyke, and never-before-seen images mix with timeless footage that continues to entertain TV viewers decades later. ‘Pioneers of Television’s’ first-hand look at the medium is guided by the stories of television icons who appear in memorable footage and reminisce about the iconic genres they helped popularize. Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.

Dora and Boots

Join best friends Dora and Boots on EIGHT of their greatest adventures in the all-new DVD ‘Dora and Boots – Best Friends Forever.’ Come along with the inseparable duo as they explore a magical rainforest amusement park, celebrate Best Friends Day, rescue Boots’ beloved shiny red boots, recover Boot’s lost cuddly dinosaur, and much more! Enjoy more with this set including over three hours of fun with Dora and Boots. Buy the Best Friends Forever DVD right here.

Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk

The race to save Berk is on with the release on DVD of the second part of the award-winning top-rated TV series, ‘Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk.’  Now available everywhere, the DVD continues the “Year of the Dragon” which will soar even higher when DreamWorks Animation’s ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ arrives in theatres this June, along with Dragon game apps, books and other fan experiences releasing throughout the year. The DVD of the 2013 Annie Award winner for Best Animated Television Production for Children is loaded with exciting bonus content for the whole family to enjoy and contains 10 epic adventures and all-new dragons. Buy the Part 2 DVD right here.

Test Pilot

“The sky looks sweet and wears a pretty blue dress…and when she gets you up there, she knocks you right down.” So says crack test pilot jim Lane (Clark Gable) of the mythical woman in the clouds who calls to him. And so he returns, time after time, challenging the odds, knowing that one day his turn will come. While boasting an array of spine~tingling and realistic flying sequences, Test PiIot’s true effectiveness lies in its intelligent balancing of the spectacular with the human drama. Romance, humor, pathos, love and friendship blend with excitement in telling the story of a test pilot’s life and its effect on those who love him. Gable’s excellent performance is matched by that of Myrna Loy as his young wife and Spencer Tracy as his mechanic and best friend. Director Victor Fleming (Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of 02) was renowned for setting his stories against adventurous backgrounds, while never allowing the action to overshadow the inner drama. Test Pilot is perfect testimony to this rare blend of high action and deep emotion. Buy the DVD at

Hell Divers

Clark Gable takes off in his first starring role, a high-flying action-adventure costarring Wallace Beery and directed by George Hill (Tell It to the Marines). Once friendly rivals, Naval airmen Windy Riker (Beery) and Steve Nelson (Gable) are now the bitterest of enemies. Stationed on the USS Saratoga, the two battle over planes, dames and who’s top gun in their squad. But when Steve crashes on a rocky island and badly shatters his leg, Windy risks his life to save his ex-friend, a rescue mission from which they may never return. Based on a story by Frank Wead (They Were Expendable) and made with the full cooperation of the U.S. Navy, portions of Hell Divers were shot onboard the Saratoga itself and included takeoffs and landings of the Curtiss F8C-4 Helldiver, the first fighter-bomber to carry that name. Buy the DVD at

The Kennedys: Triumph and Tragedy

The box set  ‘The Kennedys: Triumph and Tragedy’ is now available on DVD. History buffs and people who have followed the Kennedys will enjoy this beautiful box set which features the two-part documentary “The Kennedys,” the bonus program “Oswald’s Ghost,” as well as a booklet and 24 pieces of memorabilia related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The programs combined run time is approximately 310 miIn the proud history of this nation, there are few names as instantly recognizable as those of the Kennedys. For generations, this dynasty of politicians, public servants, and powerbrokers has sat at the top table of American politics, living life in the spotlight amid the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The documentary “The Kennedys” includes two parts. The first part of this program explores the building of the Kennedy legend. It is a story of drive, determination, and a father’s relentless pursuit of political success for his sons. Featuring extensive interviews with family members, friends, and first-hand witnesses to the many chapters in the Kennedy saga, this is a comprehensive look at the shaping of the Kennedy fortune. Buy the DVD right here.

The Color of Lies

A cast of leading European stars powers the tense drama ‘The Color of Lies,’ an intense, psychologically charged crime mystery from master filmmaker Claude Chabrol. The digitally remastered film is now available on Blu-ray from the Cohen Film Collection. ‘The Color of Lies’ (1999) is among the finest later films of Claude Chabrol, whose prolific career ranged from the start of the New Wave until his death in 2010 and includes such classics as Les Cousins, Les Biches, La Femme Infidèle, The Flower of Evil and La Cérémonie. As in many of his suspenseful films, here he once again uses a murder mystery to expose the underlying tensions and deceptions of a close-knit community. A 10-year-old girl’s violated body is found in the woods of a Brittany fishing village. Suspicion immediately falls on René (Jacques Gamblin, Safe Conduct, Inspector Bellamy, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life), a painter and the girl’s art teacher; he is apparently the last person to have seen her alive. The inspector in charge of the investigation (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Munich, 5×2, Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train) immediately questions him. In this provincial town where the residents all know each other, René becomes increasingly unsettled by his neighbors’ suspicions and by the inspector’s investigation. Children stop coming to him for lessons. His beloved wife, Vivianne (César Award winner Sandrine Bonnaire, Vagabond, A Nos Amours, Intimate Strangers), a nurse, protects and supports him, but is tempted by the advances of an arrogant local TV personality (Antoine de Caunes in a brilliant performance). True to form, Chabrol is less interested in whodunit mechanics than in dissecting a culture of lies – from advertising to adultery – that permeates modern society. Also starring in this unforgettable film are Bernard Verley (Chloe in the Afternoon, The Phantom of Liberty), Pierre Martot (The Swindle, Betty) and Bulle Ogier (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Maitresse). Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Craft in America: Industry

“Craft in America,” the Peabody Award winning series exploring America’s creative spirit through the language and traditions of the handmade object, begins its 2014 season with ‘Industry,’ now available on DVD.  ‘Industry’ explores the business of the handmade, taking us to workshops where artists are crafting the future and making contributions to the local and national economies. This program highlights the important connection between the consumer and the maker and explores the value of exquisitely crafted handmade objects in today’s creative economy. In Gee’s Bend, Alabama, quilting has brought economic success to women whose remarkable quilts have astonished the world. San Francisco quilter Joe Cunningham visits Lucy Mingo and Mary Ann Pettway in Gee’s Bend, where quilters learned their skills from generations of women who passed down their expertise, never dreaming that what they were creating would one day be considered art. World-wide attention guarantees a stable income for these pioneers of the creative economy. Buy the DVD right here.

Dan Curtis Dracula

Academy Award winner Jack Palance stars in this terrifying adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel Dracula, written for the screen by sci-fi/horror master Richard Matheson (The Twilight Zone, I Am Legend, Duel) and produced by the legendary Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows, Trilogy of Terror, The Winds of War). Palance (City Slickers, Batman, Shane, Contempt) is Count Dracula, whose centuries-old existence is threatened after he attacks the lovely Lucy Westenra (Fiona Lewis, Dr. Phibes Rises Again), and her fiance (Simon Ward, The Tudors, Young Winston) calls in famed vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing (Nigel Davenport, A Man for All Seasons; Mary, Queen of Scots) to investigate. Originally shown on CBS-TV in 1974, ‘Dan Curtis’ Dracula’ has long been considered among the most frightening versions of the Dracula story. Filmed on location in England and Yugoslavia, ‘Dan Curtis’ Dracula’ has been transferred and restored in 2K High Definition from the original 35mm camera negative and presented here on Blu-ray for the first time. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Eastern Bandits

Described as one part Chinese Western, one part black comedy and one part war movie, the martial arts infused, action-packed ‘Eastern Bandits’ is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from Well Go USA Entertainment. An anti-Japanese resistance fighter during World War II infiltrates a gang of bandits to enlist their help in assassinating a Japanese prince. When the plan goes awry they are ambushed and must escape to save their lives. ‘Eastern Bandits’ is directed by Yang Shu-peng (The Robbers) and stars Huang Xiaoming (Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster, The Guillotines), Zhang Yi (Beginning of the Great Revival, Caught in the Web), Zhang Xinyi (Love is Not Blind, Lost on a Journey) and newcomer Ni Jingyang. ‘Eastern Bandits’ is the heroic story of rebels with a fortune to gain, and everything to lose. Leader Fang Youwang (Huang Xiaoming), with his compatriots Kuei, San Pao, and Lady Dagger – lead a posse of roving bandits that are fearless, enterprising, and loyal to the death. Their baby-faced masks make them terrifying; their underground lair untraceable. And now, they’re plotting a double-scam – a heroic rescue and a kidnapping mission – that will make them legends…if anyone gets out alive. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Journey to the West

In a world plagued by demons who cause great human suffering, young demon hunter Xuan Zang risks his all to conquer a water demon, a pig demon and the demon of all demons, Sun Wukong. Adhering to his firm belief in giving of one’s self for the greater cause, he embraces the demons as his disciples. However, in order to atone for their own sins and save the common people, the four of them must embark on a journey to the West that’s full of challenges. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Monogram Cowboy Collection

Before he saddled up with Nevada jack (Johnny Mack Brown), Marshal Sandy Hopkins (Raymond Hatton) hit the trail as one-third of the legendary trio of lawmen dubbed “The Rough Riders.” Along with Marshal Buck Roberts (Buck jones) and Marshal Tim McCall (Tim McCoy), Sandy saved stagecoaches, took down rustlers, and investigated mysterious ghost towns – usually undercover! But fret not, Johnny Mack fans – Sandy teams up with Nevada for a deuce, then Hatton and Brown have an outing as “Tucson Smith” and “Johnny Bronton” before Johnny rides solo in a terrific trio of flicks – it’s 12 epic adventures in all, spread across 4 discs. Enough jawin’ – saddle up with Sandy! Buy the Volume 8 DVD at

Littlest Pet Shop

Blythe and her best friends — Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the skunk, Sunil the mongoose, Vinnie the gecko, Russell the hedgehog, Penny the panda and Minka the monkey — are back for five more exciting escapades in the Littlest Pet Shop! Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, has released ‘Littlest Pet Shop: Strike A Pose!’ on DVD. Featuring five wild episodes, this collection features  Blythe and her friends filming a TV commercial, Sunil becomes an internet phenomenon, Vinnie befriends some dancing lizards and the Pet Shop welcomes a juvenile alligator into their midst! All of these adventures and more unfold in these five wild episodes of The Littlest Pet Shop. Buy the Strike a Pose DVD right here.

Touching the Wild

‘Nature: Touching the Wild’ is now available on DVD. For writer, artist and naturalist Joe Hutto (“My Life as a Turkey”), there is no such thing as conducting a typical research project. Whether having wild turkey chicks imprint on him or embedding with a herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep for months at a time, Hutto seeks to observe behavior without preconceptions and from the animal’s perspective. In the case of his latest study, it meant dedicating seven years of his life to being accepted by a wild mule deer family and living among them. When asked why, Hutto’s response was: “How could you not?” Buy the Living with Mule Deer of Deadman DVD right here.

House in the Alley

There’s a new address in sheer terror.  Scream Factory invites loyal fans and horror enthusiasts to experience terror more profoundly with the supernatural shocker ‘House In The Alley,’ now available on DVD. Boasting a large cult following overseas and a film festival favorite, House In The Alley is a gripping haunted house thriller that exposes the weaknesses of the human psyche and deftly combines suspense, horror and emotional dramas. Written and directed by Le-Van Kiet, the film is about a couple who slowly lose their sanity haunted by the traumatic death of their son, and the paranormal disturbances in their house from an unspeakable past. Buy the DVD right here.

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