Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros Talk Season 3 of ‘Larrymania’

Kenia Ontiveros and Larry Hernandez (Photo: mun2)

Larry Hernandez may not be in a rush to put a ring on it, but it doesn’t diminish the love he has for his partner Kenia Ontiveros. The duo attended a special screening of the season 3 premiere of their hit reality show, “Larrymania” in Miami Beach, Florida last week and we got the scoop on what fans can expect this season.

Before we look ahead, last season we witnessed Kenia confirm news that she was expecting her second child with Larry during a visit to New York City. During the season finale we learned, their 3-year-old daughter Daleyza would become a big sister to a little girl.

Even though the couple already welcomed baby Dalary on December 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, Kenia is still pregnant during season three and fans will share in the special family moment as cameras were rolling during the birth. Tune in Sunday nights at 9pm on mun2 so you don't miss a thing!

Before discussing the future of the season, is it true the show almost never happened?

"It was really hard for me to commit to a reality show where my life and my family would be the focus because there had been attempts on my life before. Singing Narco Corridos is not an easy thing to do. I was a very negative person during that time as well. I wouldn't go anywhere without being armed because I was always afraid that someone was out to harm me. Since I'm so overprotective when it comes to my family, I thought it would be crazy to put them in the spotlight with a reality show.

After speaking with them though, I realize that I needed to trust in myself and take a chance. I'm extremely grateful to everyone who took a chance on me."

Looking back is there anything you would change?

"One of the only things I would change is the amount of time I get to spend with my kids. Unfortunately I don't always have the time and that is the only thing I regret. I remember crying out to God in 2003 and 2004 asking Him to help me have my music heard because I really wanted to work. Now that I have the work, I feel it would be unfair to complain."

Even though you had this fear when you first started out, today you give a lot of access to your fans. Why is that important?

"I got my break in the industry after starting out on MySpace and YouTube. At the time I had no label nor a song playing on the radio but I would pack in the fans at venues where I'd perform. It was shocking to many how an underground artist was able to do this. So even after I signed with my first major label, I have always wanted to give my fans the same access they had to me before.

When you see responses on any of my social media channels, that's me writing it not someone that's been hired to interact with my fans. I owe it all to them and now that I have this reality show, I will continue to speak directly to them and answer all their questions. I succeeded in large part thanks to social media and I will never forget that."

An admittedly shy individual, Kenia, has the show helped you become more confident?

K. Ontiveros: “The journey has been pretty difficult for me because I’ve always been really shy. I used to always tell Larry how embarrassed I felt when I was on camera specifically during the first and second seasons. This season I’m feeling a lot more confident and you’ll notice that as it progresses.”

L. Hernandez: “Sorry to interrupt but I just want to say that this season you will get to see more of the real Kenia. Many times it seems like she is going on about her day not even noticing the cameras. I look at old videos of myself from when I first started performing and even I was shy! I think that the more she embraces this world, the more comfortable she will get.”

K. Ontiveros: “He wants to send me to do interviews on my own and everything!”

L. Hernandez: “She has a lot of followers who love her and interact with her on social media. I don’t want her to miss out on any opportunities. That’s why I’m trying to support her and encourage her. I’d love for her to go to school and for her to attend more of these types of media events with me. If she hadn’t gained more confidence you wouldn’t see her here today.”

K. Ontiveros: “I never went because you never invited me!” (laughs) I remember when he first approached me about shooting the birth and I accepted without hesitation. Our daughter Daleyza already loves being on camera. If you see her since the first season, she was always looking at the cameras and the microphones with curiosity. She never showed any fear or hesitation.”

Larry is a huge flirt, how do you cope with all the attention Kenia?

"I put up with a lot and we fight about a lot too- almost daily! Sometimes he says he wants to post a photo on Twitter in just underwear. Then he says, maybe I will post one just with my birthday suit. I tell him that either is too much. He's a big flirt and very straightforward with his fans. I tell him how much it bothers me and he says he doesn't care. This season you will witness many of these discussions between us on the show."

In the premiere, we see Larry get mad because you go out with your friends. Is there a double standard?

K. Ontiveros: “Oh when it comes to me, Larry gets very jealous. He doesn’t want me to go out or do anything! If I go to the store with our daughter Daleyza, he questions who gave me permission. He can do whatever he wants but he questions everything I do.”

L. Hernandez: “I’ve been with her for sixteen years and even though I trust her, I don’t trust the guys out there. I accept that I am a very jealous person but I do trust in her. On one episode you’ll see this young lady go out with her friends and since she didn’t want to wake me, she slept elsewhere. That’s why you see us having an argument on the show about the topic. Yes, she has her friends but they are few and far between because I have my eyes on them at all times.”

Yet you still won’t put a ring on it?

L. Hernandez: “No. We’ve been like this for 16 years. There’s no need for an official paper at this point. Then again, who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind by the time the season finale comes along.”

If you missed the season three premiere, check it out below:

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