Discover “The Filipino Channel (TFC)”

“The Filipino Channel (TFC)”

TFC (The Filipino Channel) has been serving the Filipinos worldwide for almost 20 years now. It is the first and most successful Filipino content distribution company in the U.S. TFC’s 24-hour programming features the biggest and brightest stars in Philippine showbiz. The channel offers full range of drama, comedy, reality, variety, game shows, news and public affairs programs that keep overseas Pinoys abreast with the events back home. For more information, visit and

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Ikaw Lamang” [Monday to Friday 4:55 PM ET / 1:55 PM PT, with replays 10:45 PM ET / 7:45 PM PT]

After the passage of years, fate now has passed on their love story to the next generation. Samuel's son and Isabelle's daughter (both spitting images of their parents), meet under serendipitous circumstances. Each without any knowledge of their parents' past. As the two start to fall in love, they also start to unravel the secrets of yesteryears. What if the serendipitous encounters were not serendipitous at all? Will love survive this time? This series will star Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Jake Cuenca and Julia Montes.

Dyesebel” [Monday to Friday 4:20 PM ET / 1:20 PM PT, with replays 10:10 AM ET / 7:10 PM PT]

Dyesebel is a 2014 Philippine television fantasy drama based on a famous graphic novel created by Mars Ravelo. Directed by Don Cuaresma and Francis Pasion, it stars Anne Curtis, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby, together with an ensemble cast. The story follows the journey of a young mermaid named Dyesebel, as she discovers the world above the ocean and locks in a fierce love triangle.

Mirabella” [Monday to Friday 6:05 PM ET / 3:05 PM PT, with replays 11:55 PM ET / 8:55 PM PT]

Mirabella is the story of Mira, a 15-year old girl suffering from discrimination because of her unexplained wood-like skin. Mira grows up to be kind, industrious and obedient because of the love and support given by her foster parents Osang (Pokwang) and Paeng (John Lapus), the best friends of her late mother Daisy (Dimples Romana). Soon she discovers a way that can transform her into the beauty she has always wanted to be. However, this gift of beauty she so closely treasures will start to steal the goodness of her heart as she uses it to get back at her oppressors. Eventually, it will make her reflect what kind of a person she wants to become.

Moon of Desire” [Monday to Friday 7:10 PM ET / 4:10 PM PT, with replays Tuesday to Saturday 1:05 AM ET / Monday to Friday 10:05 PM PT]

Ayla is a girl born with "Hypertrichosis", a syndrome that causes abnormal hair growth in the body . Because of her unusual physical appearance, she will not only be judged by other people but also be kept a secret by her grandmother Sol & mother Mia. In her search for acceptance, Ayla meets Jepoy, a street kid who will become her best friend. Sol disapproves of their deepening friendship and decides to cut it off, leaving both broken-hearted. In time, as destiny would have it, both meet again as Angel, an attractive radio DJ with an alluring voice, and Jeff, a successful dermatologist. Eventually, ready to let go of the past, both will fall in love without any knowledge that they are each other's long lost friend. However, with the changes brought about by time & the revelation of their real identities , can their redefined love for each other conquer the feelings they have longed for from the past?

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