On The Red Carpet…The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards In Los Angeles

What would a big fancy award show like the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards be without celebs dressed to the nines and walking the red carpet?

Thankfully, the stars and staffers from GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) had a lot on their minds besides merely looking good on Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and I had a prime spot on the carpet to chat them up.

Here’s what GLAAD Media Award recipient Laverne Cox, the Executive Producers from “The Fosters,” the evening’s host Ross Mathews, presenter Rita Moreno,Glee’s” Alex Newell and more had to say…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/225728579808/GLAAD-Laverne-Cox-Rita-Moreno/embed 580 476]

GLAAD Media Award winner Laverne Cox & presenter Rita Moreno

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/227174979961/GLAAD-The-Fosters-Charlie-Condou-Cameron-Laux/embed 580 476]

‘The Fosters” Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige, Joanna Johnson & Actor Charlie Condou & partner Cameron Laux

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/225728067786/GLAAD-Alex-Newell-Caitlin-Stasey/embed 580 476]

‘Glee’ star Alex Newell & ‘Please Like Me’ star Caitlin Stasey

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/227174979970/GLAAD-Shane-Bitney-Crone-Ross-Mathews/embed 580 476]

‘Bridegroom’s’ Shane Bitney Crone and Talk Show Host Ross Mathews

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/225729603603/GLAAD-Josh-Berman-Jane-Espenson-Brad-Bell/embed 580 476]

Drop Dead Diva‘ creator Josh Berman & ‘Husbands’ Exec Producers Jane Espenson and Brad Bell

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/225728579866/GLAAD-Paul-Katami-Jeff-Zarrillo-Melissa-Griffiths/embed 580 476]

Prop 8 Plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo & Award winner Melissa Griffiths

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/GLAAD-Media-Awards/6439776205934424112/227174979941/GLAAD-Wilson-Cruz-Sarah-Kate-Ellis/embed 580 476]

GLAAD’s National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz and Presisdent Sarah Kate Ellis & wife Kristen Henderson

For more on GLAAD, visit the organization’s website.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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