‘Chozen’ Creator Talks Season Finale And Gay Rapper’s Shot At Redemption

Chozen, Crisco and Ricky (FX)

It’s all come down to this.

In Monday’s season finale of FX’s animated comedy, Chozen,” our favorite gay rapper goes toe to toe with his arch nemesis Phantasm but, since we’ve seen Chozen not always make the best decisions, will he succeed or fail?

I went to series creator Grant Dekernion to find out about Chozen’s journey in the finale as well as if we’ve seen the last of his BF Hunter and how other characters like Ricky, Crisco and Troy have also changed in the course of the first season.

How did you approach the season finale??

Grant Dekernion: I thought the finale should show Chozen reaching a goal he’s been striving for all season, a big time gig. This back drop was also a way to bring in Phantasm and give Chozen the opportunity to beat him at his own game. What’s interesting to me about the finale is what happens to Chozen when he gets what he wants. Is it everything he thought it would be? Can he rise to the occasion?

While the Chozen story is obviously the focus of the finale, I thought it was important to also show some growth from our other characters. I really love Troy and I thought this was a great opportunity to show how he's changed since meeting Chozen and the gang. Troy has been through a lot this season, and he's not the same shy kid we met in Episode 1. I think the same goes for Ricky and Crisco. I think this episode shows all of these guys really taking a little bit of a cue from Chozen and asserting themselves in the face of adversity.

Will Chozen finally get to the root of why Phantasm has such a hold on him?

GD: I guess I look at this a little differently. I see Chozen as being the guy who is holding onto a grudge. What’s compelling to me is this isn’t just a case of hurt feelings, this is a situation where someone Chozen trusted basically derailed his whole life. Phantasm’s betrayal of Chozen seems like the type of thing you never forget, and knowing Chozen, probably never forgive.

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We don't see any sign of Hunter in the finale but are they truly over? Did Chozen learn anything from that relationship?

GD: Chozen and Hunter’s relationship is most definitely over. Whether or not Chozen learned anything from the experience is still yet to be determined. I think we saw a moment where Chozen lamented Hunter being gone from his life, but this was a fleeting moment. He very quickly went from having fond memories to a place of denial, explaining away the break up as somehow being Hunter’s fault. This is all very much who Chozen is. A guy who wants to be close with people, wants to connect, but can only do so if it’s on his terms.

Crisco, Chozen and Ricky (FX)

There seems to be an endless amount of pop culture references in the show especially celebrities. Are those easy to come up with or are they more challenging than you'd think?

GD: I don’t think there has ever been a day in the writer’s room where we struggle to find a pop culture reference. If anything, we throw out more than we use. What I love about this show is that while it is animated, it is also very grounded when it comes to the characters. Sure, there are some big personalities, but no one seems like they couldn’t exist in real life. I think pop culture is so pervasive these days that sprinkling it into the stories helps the audience relate to the characters more. Also, it’s just fun.

In many ways, there is a message to what Chozen goes through in the finale. Will Chozen find some peace by the end of the finale?

GD: I think peace is an elusive concept for a guy like Chozen. He will find some satisfaction by the end of the finale, but who knows how long that will last? As we’ve seen throughout this season Chozen can be quite hard to please.

 The first season finale of “Chozen” airs Monday at 10:30pm on FX. 

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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