CLIP: Eugenio Derbez Finds Religion on ‘Anger Management’

Eugenio Derbez and Charlie Sheen on "Anger Management" (Photo: FX)

Eugenio Derbez made a huge impression at the box office last year with his film, “Instructions Not Included.” Tonight, the Mexican actor and comedian will take on Charlie Sheen on FX’s “Anger Management” at 9:30pm. Derbez guest stars as Charlie Goodson’s (Sheen) former party buddy who has taken the Rite of Ordination and become a priest.

At first, Charlie thinks the priestly garb is a new way his old pal has found to lure women into giving him their phone number. But when he discovers how serious Eugene is about being a man of the cloth, he plies him with temptation including booze and women. Classy right?!

One woman he was specifically interested in once upon a time was Charlie’s ex-wife Jen (Shawnee Smith). Charlie makes a bet Eugene won’t be able to resist all women, so the former sets up the latter on a “date” with her the next day. Will he break his vows and be lead into temptation?

Tune in tonight to find out, and to laugh uncontrollably at their antics. I think they should consider having Mr. Derbez back in the future. His pairing with Sheen is the perfect combination for hilarity!

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