EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mixology’ Star Alexis Carra Talks Loopholes and Friendships

Alexis Carra stars in "Mixology" (Photo Cred: ABC)

What would it be like if cameras were installed at a bar, and for one night, recorded everything that went down? The new ABC comedy, “Mixology” tackles that very question as it follows the lives of ten strangers on a night out at a trendy Manhattan bar. We caught up with Alexis Carra who stars as single mom Jessica. The Cuban/Argentinian/Spanish star gave us insight into her character’s life and what we can expect to see from her this season.

In the premiere episode, you're with your sister Janey (Sarah Bolger) but she's replaced by your childhood friend Fab (Frances Shaw) by the time episode two comes around. Will we see Janey again?

“Unfortunately no. I love Sarah and she and I clicked instantly. But the producers, who are known for writing “The Hangover,” created the three lead guys to be similar in dynamic to the characters played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis in the film. So they needed Bruce (Andrew Santino), Tom (Blake Lee), and Cal (Craig Frank) to have a certain comedic repartee with the women. That’s why they added the role of Fabienne, so there would be a bit of conflict. Sadly it wouldn’t have worked out that way with how Sarah’s character was written.”

What can you tell us about Jessica and Fab’s friendship?

"They have a strong history and there still is a lot of love there. She's that old girlfriend from childhood that, even though there's still some leftover drama, we still have that love for each other. Those are the kind of friends that can call you out on your stuff more so than other people can. That's the dynamic between Jessica and Fab. We will have a lot of ups and downs throughout the season."

Even though the show is being promoted as taking place during one night, there's a loophole. Flashback scenes give the audience insight into the lives of the characters before that night in the bar. Will this technique be used often?

"Yes. The flashbacks are what takes us out of the bar. You'll get a more in depth look at Jessica's life in episode three through flashbacks. This is actually the episode where I feel like you'll see the heart of the show. Both of the first do as well but by the third episode, the audience is used to the structure of the show and how each episode is set up. It just all just lands so well in episode three."

Jessica has a moment at the bar where she bonds with Kacey (Vanessa Lengies) the cocktail waitress. We also learn Jessica has a connection with bartender Dominic (Adan Canto), who is casually dating Kacey. Where there is a love triangle, some drama must unfold! What can you tell us?

"You'll have to wait and see! There's drama at every turn, especially with women at a bar- there's this competitive side that comes out. Jessica went out that night with the intention of getting attention and maybe even some action. It's not that she doesn't value her own self-worth or that she's slutty in any way. But she's a busy mom who only gets like three nights off a year by herself. She's been preparing for this night and there won't be anything or anyone that gets in the way of what she wants."

I've read some reviews and some people seem to have an issue with the way relationships are being portrayed as well as stereotypes being perpetuated. When this happens on a show, it normally leads to characters learning something about themselves that changes them. Will this be the case in "Mixology?"

“Absolutely. It’s exactly as you said it. People need to remember that this isn’t a drama. Comedy does exist in a heightened world where certain boundaries are pushed a little bit. We are on ABC and not a channel like HBO, so we will obviously be toned down even though the show airs at a later time slot. I was a big fan of “Sex and the City” and they showed a lot more nudity whereas we won’t show that at all. It’s important to realize that a comedy can show an extreme version of what’s happening.”

Will the night end by the time season one is over?

"The night does end at the end of season one. It's left open-ended with how it would come back if we get another season. We're confident audiences will want a second season! The cast is so tight, we've basically been texting each other for a year-- all ten of us. Even though we all weren't shooting scenes together at the same time, we all have this bond. So I think it would be great to explore the friendships and potential relationships that were created on that night out, in season two."

Check out the premiere episode entitled, “Tom and Maya” below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Mixology/5541386571308450112/147584067741/Tom-%26-Maya/embed 580 476]
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