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TVK Network.

TVK Network” Launched in 2005, Television Korea 24 operates two networks, TVK and TVK2. TVK is the first Korean-American Network with the capability to bring viewers live, breaking news of major stories they happen. Also, TVK offers various genres of programs such as drama, entertainment, life & culture, and documentaries. TVK creates the most entertaining experience for its viewers and has built the best widest platform for advertisers and general viewers.

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TVK Movie Night:” [Thursday, 11pm ET/ 9pm PT, Sunday, 10pm ET/ 7pm PT]

TVK now provides Korean movies with English subtitles starting January, 2014. Through two channels, TVK1 and TVK2, audiences could watch famous Korean movies that have caused Korean Wave. With English subtitles, anyone could enjoy Korean movies through our channels.

Welcome to ‘Money’ World:” [Thursday, 11pm ET/8pm PT]

The program is all about "Money". Hosts of program, Shin Dong Yup and Park Eun Ji, talk about episodes about money such as stock, lodge money, etc. Celebrities talk about their personal experience and episodes about money to arouse people's attention to danger and importance of money. The program also gives information about health.

Anger King:” [Friday, 11pm ET/8pm PT]

The hosts of the program are Tak Jae Hoon and Kim Won Hee. In the program, the general public comes out and talks about their 'anger'. The program shows how to solve their angers in effective ways. People's various episodes that cause their 'anger' make audiences and hosts angry too.

“Story Telling Magic Show” [Thursday 12am PT]

"Story Telling Magic Show" invites global magicians and shows their magic show. Famous Korean magician, Lee Eun Gyul, and singer Kim Won Jun are the hosts of program. In the program, magicians add specific theme into their magic show to make their show as a story.

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