Streampix Watch: ‘Parks and Rec’ Bids Bye-Bye to ‘Ann & Chris’

"Parks and Recreation." (Photo: NBC)

This season has been a momentous one for NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” having recently celebrated its 100th episode and been renewed for a seventh season.  Amy Poehler also just won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical.  This Thursday night, it’s yet another historic occasion on “Ann and Chris,” as the Pawnee gang says good-bye to Rashida Jones’ Ann Perkins, who has been with the show since day one, and Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger, who first appeared in the second season’s penultimate episode, when he arrived with Adam Scott’s Ben Wyatt as a pair of state auditors to evaluate the town’s funds, and stayed around for four more seasons. Lowe, who was originally supposed to be part of an eight-episode arc, but ended up enjoying himself so much, he became Ann’s love interest and a cast regular.

Here’s a look back at 10 memorable “Parks and Recreation” episodes on Streampix featuring Ann and Chris’ on-again/off-again romance and subsequent pregnancy adventures as the show bids them farewell:

“The Master Plan” (Season 2, Episode 23): State auditors Lowe’s Chris and Scott’s Ben arrive to solve the impasse between Amy Poehler’s Leslie and Phil Reeves’ city manager Paul just as Jones’ Ann has broken up with Paul Schneider’s Mark. Ann later drunkenly makes out with Chris at the 21st birthday party for Aubrey Plaza’s April, and a romance is born.

“Camping” (Season 3, Episode 8): When Chris returns to Pawnee as the new city manager, Ann wonders what their status is, as Leslie takes her on a camping trip to help get away from the issue. Chris pays a visit during his nightly jog, and Ann leaves with him so they can clear the air. Over dinner, Chris once again acts so optimistic while discussing the break up that Ann thinks their relationship is back on and tries to kiss him, severely embarrassing her.

“Ron and Tammys” (Season 4, Episode 2): Ann asks Chris to film a quick PSA about diabetes, but his over-enthusiasm results in him doing countless takes, leading Ann to question why she ever started dating him in the first place.

“Ann’s Decision” (Season 5, Episode 12): After a string of failed relationships, Ann decides she wants to be a single mother, but the unimpressive candidate pool leads to much meddling from Leslie.

“Partridge” (Season 5, Episode 17): Ann and Chris take a parenting quiz, and find out that they are not compatible, but come to agree that in the end loving their child is all that they need to be happy.

“Jerry’s Retirement” (Season 5, Episode 20): Ann and Chris talk more about making a baby and then decide to get back together again after they realize a child growing up with two stable parents is a good thing.

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“The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip-Off Classic” (Season 6, Episode 3)/“Dopplegangers” (Season 6, Episode 4): Ann and Chris discuss moving from Pawnee to Michigan after the baby is born, an idea that Leslie doesn’t take well at all.

“The Cones of Dunshire” (Season 6, Episode 9): Chris finally gets Leslie to come to terms with his and Ann’s imminent move to Michigan.

“Second Chance” (Season 6, Episode 10): Ann and Chris learn the sex of their unborn child, featuring Henry Winkler as their wacky Dr. Saperstein and “House of Lies” co-star Ben Schwartz.  Ann orders at the restaurant by telling the waitress, “I’m pregnant and I’m a little bit crazy… So if you don’t bring our appetizers out in the next 30 seconds, I’m going to plunge your face into the deep fryer.” Adds Chris: “I’d love to have a boy. I’ve perfected the art of shaving the human face and I’d like to be able to pass that on.” Spoiler alert: It’s a boy!

“New Beginnings” (Season 6, Episode 11): Ann and Chris contemplate their future plans, including whether to get married (spoiler alert: Chris proposes as Jim O’Heir’s Jerry chokes in the background), which turn out to involve their leaving Pawnee… and the show. “This isn’t a shotgun wedding,” explains Chris to the jeweler selling him an engagement ring with a very-pregnant Ann. “We’ve never been conventional, so why start now?” he asks.

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