Streampix Watch: Channeling Santa: TV’s Most Memorable Holiday Episodes

Julianna Margulies parties on for Christmas in "The Good Wife." (NBC)

How do you best celebrate the upcoming holiday season? Why, hunkering down in front of your flat-screen with the kind of cold weather cheer provided by Christmas episodes from some of the most popular Streampix TV series. Forget your shopping list and lose yourself in some of these seasonal classics.

The Good Wife,” “The Decision Tree” (Season 5, Episode 10): Julianne Margulies’ fledgling Florick-Agos decides to throw a holiday party to celebrate the firm’s opening, but Alan Cumming‘s Eli and Melissa George‘s Marilyn worry about the governor being seen with disreputable clients at the shindig in the year’s last new episode.

Parks and Recreation,” “Citizen Knope” (Season 4 Episode 10): As Amy Poehler’s Leslie forms a citizen action group to fight from outside the Parks Dept., everyone in the office tries to come up with the most thoughtful Christmas gift to repay her for years of giving great gifts in this take-off on “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The Office,” “Dwight Christmas” (Season 9, Episode 9): In this classic holiday-themed episode, Rainn Wilson’s Dwight throws a traditional “Schrute German Christmas,” in which they drink some “gluhwein” (that’s glow wine, also used to sterilize medical instruments) and enjoy some “hasenpfeffer” with St. Nicholas’ rural old German companion Belsnickel.. described by John Krasinski‘s Jim as “like Santa… Except dirty.  And worse.”

30 Rock,” “Christmas Attack Zone” (Season 5, Episode 10): Alec Baldwin’s Jack is urged to disclose two secrets to his mother (Eileen Stritch), who is visiting for the holidays, by Tina Fey’s Liz and his fiancee, Elizabeth Banks’ Avery. Tracy Morgan’s Tracy Jordan tries to block the release of his new film because it contradicts his newly created serious persona, while Liz tries to repair Jenna’s (Jane Krakowski) relationship with Paul (Will Forte).

Monk,” “Mr. Monk and the Miracle” (Season 7, Episode 9): Tony Shaloub’s neurotic OCD-suffering  detective is urged by his assistant, Traylor Howard’s Natalie, to investigate a death after three homeless men ask for his help during the holidays. Elsewhere, Ted Levine’s Captain Stottlemeyer finds inspiration following a trip to a monastery fountain which seems to temporarily alleviate his pain.

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Felicity,” “And to All a Good Night” (Season 3, Episode 11): Keri Russell’s title character welcomes her mother (Eve Gordon), who has plans for a theatre outing with her daughter. Greg Grunberg’s Sean and Rob Benedict’s Richard buy Christmas trees to sell during the holidays, but that proves more difficult than they thought, putting Scott Speedman’s Ben in an awkward position with his girlfriend’s mom. Donald Faison’s Tracy reveals to his girlfriend, Tang Miller’s Elena, he has been accepted into a medical program in Africa, and leaves in three weeks.

Ugly Betty,” “Be-Shure” (Season 4, Episode 9): Tony Plana’s Ignacio sees his preparations for a holiday feast with his new girlfriend, who happens to be Jewish, coincide with Hilda (Ana Oritz) and Betty (America Ferrara) worrying that the Suarez family is about to boast two new members. David Rasche’s Cal hires a movie mogul (Nadia Dajan) to replace Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina as Mode’s creative director, while Becki Newton’s Amanda helps Judith Light’s Claire search for the son she gave up for adoption in this Christmas-themed episode.

Brothers and Sisters,” “Cold Turkey” (Season 5, Episode 10): The Walker family is without their matriarch for Christmas when Sally Field’s Nora unexpectedly takes an impulsive holiday vacation with John Terry’s Dr. Karl. Meanwhile, Ron Rifkin’s Saul runs into an ex-lover (Richard Chamberlain).

My So-Called Life,” “So-Called Angels” (Season 1, Episode 15): Singer Juliana Hatfield guest-stars as a homeless teen that attracts the interest of Claire Danes’ Angela, while Wilson Cruz’s Ricky also has no place to live at Christmastime.

Melissa and Joey,” “A New Kind of Family Christmas” (Season 3, Episode 16): The kids’ mom (Melissa Joan Hart’s disgraced sister Meredith, played by Jaime Pressly) visits while on furlough from prison for money laundering, not letting Joey Lawrence’s ill will faze her in the least.

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