Megyn Kelly: ‘I’m A Straight News Anchor, Not An Opinion Host’: Watch

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly on "The Tonight Show" Monday night (Photo: NBC)

Fox News Channel personality Megyn Kelly says she leans neither right nor left, although the question comes up constantly.

Kelly explained the difference between her role as a “straight news” anchor on FNC and other FNC personalities who she labeled “opinion hosts” (though she did not specifically name them).

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Kelly, the host (or, if you prefer, “anchor”) of “The Kelly File” seen nightly at 9/8c on Fox News, made her remarks under questioning from Jay Leno Monday night on “The Tonight Show” — Kelly’s first-ever appearance on the NBC late-night show.

"People assume if you're on Fox News, just as they do if you're on MSNBC, you have a certain bias." Leno said, referring to the right-leaning tendencies of FNC and the left-leaning views on MSNBC. "How do you deal with that?" he asked her. "You seem pretty straight down the line …"

"I'm a straight news anchor," Kelly said. "I'm not one of the opinion hosts at Fox.

"But I always laugh because I'll have a conservative pull me aside and say, 'I love your conservative principles.' And I'll say, 'You assume too much'," she said.

Watch Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly on “The Tonight Show”:
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"And then I'll have [a liberal] pull me aside and say, '[whispers] I know you're one of us.' And I'll say, 'You assume too much.'

“But I always tell people, if they think I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true!” she said.

Kelly was referring to an incident that happened on Election Night in 2012 in which Rove — the former aide and campaign manager for George W. Bush, and a Fox News contributor — kept insisting that Obama had not yet won reelection, and Kelly hammered away at him, insisting that Obama had already been declared the winner, irrevocably.

“The way we do it on the Fox News Channel,” she told Leno, “[is] the straight news anchors like myself give a hard time to both sides.”

Watch Megyn talk about one of her past guests — Anthony Weiner:
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