‘Jeopardy!’ Addressed the GIF-Pronunciation Wars

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/ehAaUCHZgA4″ 580 476]

Tuesday night’s “Jeopardy!” touched on the most controversial topic of our time: How does one pronounce .GIF? Prescriptivists to the left! Descriptivists to the right! Everybody keep your hands to yourselves!

The Final Jeopardy answer read: “The inventor of this image format said the OED wrongly has 2 pronunciations of it — the right one is with a soft ‘G.'”

All the contestants answered correctly, and while the show technically did not render a decision on the great djiff-ghiff debate, Alex Trebek did pronounce the word with the soft “G.” The battle, however, rages on.

Watch the Final Jeopardy! Clip Above.


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