EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hernandez Talks ‘Larrymania’ Finale

Kenia Ontiveros and Larry Hernandez on "Larrymania." (Photo: mun2)

After nine exciting episodes, Larry Hernandez is ready to wrap-up season two of “Larrymania” this Sunday with the most highly anticipated announcement in its history– the sex of his unborn baby. From the moment his partner Kenia Ontiveros confessed she was expecting their second child during a trip to New York City, fans and members of the media have been restless to discover whether the color blue or shades of pink are in his future.

And while Larry and Kenia could have sold the news exclusively to countless media outlets, they decided early on that the best choice would be to share it with their fans as a thank you for their unending support.

We spoke to the Mexican-American superstar ahead of the finale to talk about some of the things that went on throughout the season, his thoughts on adoption, and whether or not he has plans to marry Kenia.

You've had some fun adventures take place this season, including some that were surprising. For example, last week you visited a psychic. Do you believe the things she said are going to happen?

Someone told my mother about this psychic who lived nearby that could tell us our future. I found myself curious about what she would say so I went to see her. To my surprise, some of the things she said actually were true but some of it wasn't. The experience was a lot of fun and I left believing a lot more than I had originally since many things ended up coming true.

The psychic told Kenia there might be a "big celebration" in her future. Could it be that you're finally planning to propose?

Who knows what big surprises we have in store for you all during the finale! Maybe we got married in Las Vegas and just haven't told anyone? [laughs]

Your daughter Daleysa must be very excited about the new baby. How is she preparing?

Yes she's so happy she will have a new sibling soon. Anytime her mother and I go out somewhere she always rushes to kiss the tummy goodbye. We've helped her understand that there is a baby inside her mom's stomach by showing her photographs of Kenia when she was pregnant with her. We explained that she once was also inside her mom's belly. This is the first time that she is seeing her mother pregnant so we really wanted her to understand the process as much as possible.

There is a lot more happening in Sunday's episode than the big baby reveal. You pay an emotional visit to an orphanage in Mexico. How did this come about?

I have been very blessed in life and I have always wanted to find a way to give back. I help my family a lot but there was always this need for me to help others. So for my first project, I researched orphanages that weren't receiving any government help and I found Casa Hogar Tesoros Escondidos in Mexicali. What I hope to achieve by including the visit as part of the show, is to bring them exposure so that people from all over can donate to them. I personally have committed to helping them however I can.

It was an extremely emotional experience for me and I know viewers will feel some of what I felt too. These are exceptional children and I know they will touch everyone's heart as much as they did mine.

Would you ever consider adopting a child into your family?

Absolutely I would. During my visit, I started to feel that I'd like to adopt a child one day. I don't know if my old lady will want to continue giving me children but if she decides to close down the factory, I'd love to adopt two.

We heard you area already busy shooting season 3. What have you shot so far?

Yes, we're already in the process of shooting next season which is set to air next year. Fans can expect to see Kenia and I during doctor visits, taking prenatal classes, the celebration of the baby shower, and even witness the birth. This is going to be the first time that I'm present for a labor where cameras are following everything!

I like that "Larrymania" takes full advantage of the opportunities to, not just entertain viewers, but also to educate them. Take for example the episode where Kenia and I take self defense classes. Yes we had a fun time learning and I'm sure it was fun to watch, but we hope that someone out there learned something that could maybe save their life.

Tune in for the season finale of “Larrymania” this Sunday at 9pm on mun2.

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