‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Thanks for Nothing

"Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

This week’s episode, “Somebody That I Used to Know” was a typical “Grey’s Anatomy” holiday: Nobody wants to celebrate, half the characters are miserable about their romantic choices and everyone is overworked. Miranda may be the only one with an actual mental illness, but everyone could use therapy.

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Miranda Breaks Down

Ben (Jason George), concerned about Miranda’s (Chandra Wilson) seeming OCD behavior, suggested she talk to a therapist. Bailey refused to consider it and continued to berate him for being a slacker anesthesiologist who is by her side every day instead of a surgical resident in another state. What does this show have against non-surgical medical specialties? Ben, who continued to work with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on a new medical device, confided in him about Miranda. Derek pointed out that he was on the board and had to file a report. Ben tried to talk to Miranda about taking a break and dealing with her problems, but she viewed him as interfering in her career and ratting her out to her bosses. Owen asked Meredith to take over Miranda’s surgeries, then asked Miranda to stop in the middle of an operation. She freaked out about people touching her instruments then started to cry. At home, she yelled at Ben again and knocked over a chair. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meredith and Cristina’s Feud Continues

Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) attempt to 3D print a new heart valve for a baby hit a snag when Ross (Gaius Charles) noticed that the conduit was dirty. They needed to print another. Alex (Justin Chambers) believed that they should try a graft, rather than delay treatment, but she was confident in her approach. Cristina lamented to him  that her involuntary celibacy was hurting her work. Ross overheard and offered to be her boy toy. She declined, later telling Alex it would be like having sex with a baby seal. Ha! Ross told Stephanie that Cristina needed the 3D printer again. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was angry when she found out because taking another day off would ruin her study, but Cristina refused to take her calls. Finally, Cristina showed her the baby, arguing that an actual child was more important than theoretical research. Meredith blasted her for assuming that just because she was a mother she would melt at the sight of a baby. She was not about to give up her study. Are 3D printers really so expensive that the hospital can’t afford two? Cristina used the printer anyway. There was another problem, so they had to start over again. Meredith refused to let her, stating that Cristina did not walk on water and her continued pursuit of a procedure that probably wouldn’t work was just about her own arrogance.

Shane defended Cristina, stating that she initially wasn't even going to attempt the procedure because of her concerns about stepping on Meredith's toes. Meredith made what should have been a medical decision personal. They will give her back the printer when they are done with it. Meredith stormed out. Cristina, having witnessed her baby seal grow up, kissed Shane. Meredith, who roped Emma into cooking Thanksgiving dinner at her house, declined to invite Cristina. Happy Thanksgiving!

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April Has Wedding Angst

April (Sarah Drew) invited Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) to her wedding with a plus one, instead of sending an invitation to Jackson (Jesse Williams). She explained to him that because his last name was Avery, he would be first on the guest list, which would be tough for Matthew. By Matthew, she meant herself. Jackson told her that while he was happy for her, he would not be attending, since the mere sight of his name was an issue. Stephanie was concerned that the awkwardness between him and April meant that things weren’t over between them. He assured her that they definitely were.

Richard Is Stressed About His Stress Test

Richard (James Pickens Jr.) refused to move to a rehabilitation facility to continue his recovery. He wanted to go home and work with a home health aid, but he needed to pass a treadmill stress test first. After failing several times, he insisted on attempting a high speed and fell, breaking his rib. Happy Thanksgiving!

Callie Finds Out that Arizona Has the Ross Gellar Attitude About Relationship Breaks

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) moved back in with Callie (Sara Ramirez). Murphy was assigned to help them treat a girl with a fractured femur. Arizona told Murphy that there was no need for this to be awkward, making it clear that she got back together with Callie. Arizona decided honesty was the best policy and told Callie she was with someone else during their separation.

Callie was not thrilled but realized Arizona was within her rights. Arizona admitted that it was more than a one night stand but assured her it was over. Leah (Tessa Ferrer), nervous about performing surgery with them, accidentally drilled through the patient’s leg. Callie realized she was the other woman. Someday, the doctors will discover online dating, meet people who have nothing to do with the hospital, and save themselves a lot of angst. Callie was appalled by Arizona’s terrible taste and her inability to be alone for more than five minutes. Leah whined that now Callie hated her. Did it not occur to her this was a possibility when she hooked up with Arizona? Happy Thanksgiving!

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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