‘The Good Wife’: Prove Yourself Indispensible

Julianna Margulies in "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

This week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “The Next Month,” picked up, as the title suggested, several weeks after the last one. The show has set the bar so high for itself that what would be a great episode for most other series just seems average. Once again, Florrick-Agos had a client who used to be with Lockhart-Gardner. Perhaps they should hire a business development executive so they can stop poaching and start lawyering. Fortunately that client is Natalie (America Ferrara), who has the power to turn Eli into a giddy teenager.

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Florrick-Agos Gets an Office

The new firm was no longer working in Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) living room. They moved into a former T-shirt factory. Everyone was appalled by how grungy it was, but it was a big office with exposed brick. It was one paint job away from looking like a hip start-up, as an associate mentioned. Peter wanted to visit the office, which Marilyn (Melissa George) decided was an ethical issue. That seemed ridiculous. Was there a bill in the legislature about converting factories into law firms? At the end of the episode, Peter (Chris Noth) visited anyway. He told her he thought she was going to take over the world.

Howard Screws Up Again

Natalie went to Lockhart-Gardner, which Will re-branded as LG to make recappers lives easier. Since she moved away, she had no idea that the firm had split. Since the last time anyone at LG saw her, she was a broke intern, Will sent Howard (Jerry Adler) to talk to her. He managed to make half a dozen ethnic slurs in about two minutes, which sent Natalie to the receptionist in search of Alicia. She headed over to Florrick-Agos. Her case was pro bono: an undocumented man, Tomas, was being pressured to testify against a Mexican drug cartel leader in exchange for a “snitch visa.” The firm took it because Natalie is now a lobbyist and they hoped to get the rest of her company’s business.

Watch Sunday Night’s Episode of “The Good Wife” Below:

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Robyn Goes Kalinda

Robyn (Jess Weixler) overheard Cary (Matt Czuchry) saying that they were going to have to lay her off. She asked Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) if there was a chance she could get her old job back. Kalinda advised her to make herself indispensible at Florrick-Agos. So, when the cartel leader skipped bail resulting in Tomas’s visa being canceled because he had not testified, and he was put on the deportation list, Robyn offered to save the day. Tomas’s deportation had been expedited because of a clerical error. He had the same name as a con artist. While Alicia and Cary went from one court to another, making various arguments to save him from being dropped off in the same town where the cartel leader lived, which would be a death sentence, Robin got busy. She impersonated a skip tracer and the con artist’s baby mama to track him down. When that failed to make a difference, she planted a bullet in Tomas’s wife’s house so they could argue he deserved a crime-victim visa. That also failed so she resorted to telling the Mexican consulate that a notorious con artist was being shipped back to Mexico and they had the right to turn him away at the border. That worked. Cary told Robyn her job was safe.

Will’s Girlfriend Is Gross

Will (Josh Charles) was still dating Isabel the yoga instructor. She was still gross. She spent hours in his office so she could use the wi-fi. David (Zach Grenier) got annoyed and told her that Will was still in pain from losing Alicia. She asked Will about it, hilariously describing David as looking like a Jack O’lantern. He described her as a former colleague. She realized they used to sleep together but only cared whether or not Alicia was good in bed.

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Eli and Natalie Sitting in a Tree

Eli saw Natalie when he dropped by Alicia's office to prepare for Peter's visit. He turned into a character in a Nicholas Sparks novel and literally ran down the street after her. She accepted his dinner invitation. He told her Peter had canceled a speech at a minority voters forum on redistricting. Natalie was disappointed. She had to leave early because of a development in Tomas's case. Eli put the speech back on Peter's agenda. When Natalie dropped by Eli's office to apologize, he ended up chasing after her again, telling her they had to go out that night or they would never see each other again. Marilyn saw them and told Peter that Eli changed his mind about the speech for personal reasons, which could be an ethical violation. Again, it's a speech, not policy. What is her problem? Peter pressed Eli, who insisted he was not doing anything wrong. Eli confronted Marilyn, telling her that if she had an issue with him she should talk to him about it. Natalie agreed that she and her boss would meet with Will about possibly doing business. Unfortunately, Natalie's boss was African-American, and Howard greeted him with a fist bump and called him, "man." Florrick-Agos got their business.

Eli canceled their dinner while she waited for him at the restaurant, then showed up as she was leaving and kissed her square on the lips. On one hand, the age difference is huge; on the other hand, they're both great actors so it's almost believable.

“The Good Wife” airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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