Lady Gaga Plays Host on ‘SNL,’ How Did She Fare?

Lady Gaga, John Milhiser (NBC)

With Lady Gaga hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, the series had what multiple critics are saying is the strongest episode of the season. The NBC series took on the likes of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Kanye West, President Obama as well as… Lady Gaga.

The famed singer had been a musical guest on “SNL” two times, before making her hosting debut on Saturday night, with her last appearance coming on a Justin Timberlake-hosted episode that saw hear appear in the famed “Threeway” sketch.

This time around, however, she was expected to carry the show and the results helped produce one of the better top-to-bottom episodes of the season. She also performed the songs "Gypsy" and "Do What U Want."

Gaga opened up the episode by acknowledging critics who accuse her of craving attention and applause, that she would take it in any form, no matter how cheap the tactic.

In the "Waking Up with Kimye" skit, in which Kanye West and Kim Kardashian showcase family talents and berate an Apple store genius (played by Gaga) on their morning talk show. The morning show features the remaining Kardashians playing instruments in the background, including the Triangle, a Box of Rice and matriarch Kris clapping her hands. Note Gaga's ironic line, where she states, "I think people who try too hard with their outfits are hiding something!"

[iframe 580 476]

Gaga portrayed an over-enthusiastic mother of an elementary school performer in “4th Grade Talent Show,” where she and hubby John Milhiser act out their daughter’s routine while performing.

[iframe 580 476]

Other highlights included a spoof of embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who is interviewed by the CBC about his actions, when it doesn’t fare well, he heads to a show where people will believe anything he says, namely “60 Minutes.”

[iframe 580 476]

Ford is the butt of another joke, this time in a sketch of Obama’s endorsement for an anti-depressant for those second term blues.

[iframe 580 476]

“SNL” also paid tribute to a fallen icon, namely Blockbuster Video and how employees were coping after the chain finally closed its doors for good.

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