Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal,’ Season 3, Episode 7


With an episode titled "Everything's Coming Up Mellie," we all knew that we'd get a peek into how she became the manipulative First Lady she is, but we got more than we bargained for. This was definitely one of the most explosive episodes of "Scandal" yet, and every scene could have been in the top 10.

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Santa Barbara Love – We flashback to 15 years before, to a younger Fitz and Mellie waking up in the morning and feeling frisky. But they’re interrupted by Fitzgerald Grant II (aka Big Jerry). When they get dressed and get downstairs, he introduces them to a bearded Cyrus Beene, who is there to help Fitz become the Governor of California. What was great to see in this was the beginning of the First Couple’s marriage, before scandals, Defiance, and Olivia. They genuinely loved each other and they’re so far from who they were that they’ve become strangers.

Maya Lewis: Client – The newest client of Olivia Pope and Associates is Maya Lewis, Liv’s mother. Liv tells them about the plane crash that killed her mom 22 years before, and then shocks them all when she says the President shot it down. Their mission is to find out all they can about the circumstances surrounding Operation Remington, including all the people involved.

The Gladiators discover that flight 522 left the airport 27 minutes after it was supposed to, and things get even more dicey when they find out that Fitzgerald Grant II was the senator charged with the investigation. OH SNAP!

Fitz vs. Fitz – In a flashback, Fitz and his father are in a heated argument. Daddy wants him to focus on his military experience and “war hero” status in his campaign for Governor, but he refuses because he knows he’s no hero and was really responsible for the death of over 300 innocent people. Big Jerry tells him that he keeps cleaning up his mess, and he should have never joined the Navy. But since he did, he OWNS him. Fitz throws his own line in his face with “Grants don’t take orders.” Mellie heard the back end of the argument and heard enough to know that her husband’s father is an emotionally abusive jerk.

Appeal to Cyrus – It was Cyrus’ idea to have Fitz run as a “war hero” and since it was shot down, he quits. As he walks out, Mellie follows him and says she’ll handle the drama between the Grants. He tells her that she can no longer be a partner at a law firm if her husband is about to run for a major office because HE is now her full-time job. The realization hits Mellie then that she has to put herself aside. It’s the beginning of a 15-year journey in sacrifice.

Federal Delay – The Gladiators find out that the reason flight 522 was delayed was because a federal marshall stopped it from leaving the tarmac. And then a man named Omar Dresden was taken off the plane. The gate attendant couldn’t see what he looked like because it was dark, and when she mentioned it in the report she gave after the crash, no one followed up. Well that’s shadier than an oak tree.

Mellie’s Trauma – In a flashback, Mellie’s sitting in Big Jerry’s office as he rants about his son who doesn’t appreciate him. In his drunkenness, he tells her that Fitz shot down the plane that killed 329 people and she’s horrified. But then, he sits next to her and starts touching her. Her attempts to rebuff him are ignored and he gets more aggressive, until he’s overpowered her and is laying on top of her. Mellie Grant got raped by her Father-in-Law, and I was heartbroken for her.

In the present day, she goes into the Oval Office, upset that he stood her up for a video opportunity that included them playing with Baby Teddy to improve her image. She tells him: “You didn’t show up for me. You left me hanging and I had to do everything myself. I always have to… If you knew the pieces of myself that I have given away for you…You declare war on me and you shame me and you make me beg for scraps and I’ve done nothing but fight for you…the least you can do is be my friend. The least you can do is show up for me.

It was pent up from fifteen years of sacrifice and he can’t even reciprocate that in the smallest way.

In Mellie’s Defense – Unsure that Fitz will show up for an interview they’re supposed to have with the reporter following her around, Mellie makes up an excuse for him right as he walks up. When they sit down for the interview, the reporter asks Mellie to address the fact that the public thinks she’s not fit to be First Lady after she talked about the President’s affair in the open. A tongue-tied Mrs. Grant doesn’t know how to answer but Fitz jumps in to finally stand up for her. He says HE made the mistake so it’s ridiculous for people to keep blaming her for it. It’s about time!

Quinn’s First Kill – Quinn and Charlie are getting increasingly chummy, and he asks her out on a date that’s really a mission. After they make out in the car, she walks into a building and the security guard asks her to sign in. When he hands her a pen, she grabs his hand and jabs the needle Charlie gave her into it. She calls him and says the man is asleep but when the security guard falls out his chair unto the floor, she realizes he’s dead. Quinn had her first taste of whiskey, and she was tricked into it. FAIL! Later on, Charlie welcomes her to Wonderland. She’s now a member of B613, the most dangerous gang EVER!

Closet Cocktails – At Mellie’s cocktail party to showcase the art that was restored in the White House, VP Sally Langston’s husband (Daniel Douglas) is being baited with a hooker. Mellie and Cyrus hired a call girl to seduce him but it’s not working. However, when James storms off because he got fired and his hubby had to time to listen to him, he starts chatting with Daniel who seems to be really into him. SCANDALOUS!

Mama Pope Lives! – Rowan Pope shows up at a prison and shows his “clearance” badge to visit Omar Dresden. WHOA! It’s clear that this prison is beyond maximum security as he goes through many doors with guards and he uses a key card to enter a cell. He says “Our daughter’s been asking about you” and Maya Lewis emerges from under the blanket!

And honorary mention of top 10 moment was the end, as we flashback to Fitz realizing that Mellie is pregnant. COULD THEIR FIRST BORN REALLY BE BIG JERRY'S CHILD?!? Omg. That would be terrible because it would mean that Fitz has a brother-son! My heart cannot take it!

Mellie Grant is often thought about as the villain in a show where most people are evil in one way or another. So to see her story and to really see the pain she's been through shed new light on a woman thought to be purely about power. Mellie doesn't get enough credit for standing by Fitz, and we didn't quite understand the depths she's gone to protect him. The First Lady gets props for being truly ride-or-die and I wonder if Fitz ever found out that his father violated his wife.

This episode was A LOT! Between finding out that the Vice-President's husband is gay, Quinn is now B613, Mama Pope is alive and Mellie was raped by her father-in-law, I AM SPENT!

I cannot WAIT to see what episode 8 holds because after last night’s drama, I need answers!

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