Bruno Mars’ Sisters — The Lylas — Face Drama and Chaos to Launch Their Music Careers

The Lylas (Photo: WEtv)

The Lylas” features Bruno Mars’ four beautiful sisters — Jaime Kailani, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley — in a new docu-series that will chronicle the ladies’ lives as they deal with the transition of leaving behind their lives in Hawaii to relocate to Los Angeles in an effort to launch their own music career.

Despite having a chart-topping brother, The Lylas soon learn that their family connection may get them in the door, but they still have to deliver. As they try to climb the ladder to fame, they face unexpected personal and professional difficulties, including the untimely death of their mother.

Even with all of that — and the fact that they are not yet signed to a record label — The Lylas have managed to released their first single — “Come Back” — with its corresponding music video.

On this Friday’s episode, The Lylas argue with their manager over a failed meeting with a high-profile music producer, and Tahiti, Tiara and Presley settle into Jaime’s house but feel smothered, so they secretly sign a lease on a separate house.

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xfinityTV exclusively spoke to The Lylas about the drama and chaos that comes from making such a big life change, the difficulties of living and working with family, the advice they get from Bruno and more.

One of the lines in the first episode was: Put us together and you get the perfect woman. Which qualities of each of you is the best?

In that scene specifically, we were talking about Tiara’s butt, Tahiti’s boobs, but then you need to add Jaime’s brain and Presley’s hair.

Those are physical attributes. I was looking at your bios to try to get more of a understanding of who does what: Jaime came to L.A. first, so she was the brave one. Tiara says she's not lead the singer, but she's the leader of the group but also a rebel. Tahiti's a mom, and Presley's the baby and the peacemaker. Can you talk more about your qualities?

Jaime: If you put us all together, Tiara would be determination. Jamie is nurturing, kind heart. Tahiti is sense of humor. And Presley is carefree energy.

The fact that you are Bruno Mars' sisters is being used to promote the show. Can that hurt you as much as help you?

Jaime: No matter what, we are always going to be Bruno's sisters. We are proud of him and we are proud to be his sisters. In some ways, it can be harder because people have expectations. It is like we have to prove ourselves. In other ways, it does help that he's our brother. It opens doors, but it doesn't take you all the way through. We still have to prove ourselves.

Not too many reality show singers have gone on to major fame. "American Idol" has Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry. "The Voice" and "The X Factor" haven't really launched a major artist yet. What do you hope this show does for you? Do you think you can beat the odds?

Jamie: We hope so. We hope that people can be inspired by the show. You can learn about the business as you watch the show. It is a docu-series, documenting our journey.

So now that the show is on, do you think it will boost your iTunes sales?

Jaime: We hope so. We put the single out independently.

You were sisters first before you became a group. How do you separate the personal from the business?

Jaime: We are trying to figure that out still.

When you have arguments, you have to get over it because you have to keep the business going. Is that hard?

Jaime: Because we are sisters, we don't hold back. We always joke about the fact that if we weren't sisters, we would probably be broken up by now. Because we are sisters, we will go through it and, hours later, we're, "Okay. You want to go shopping?" We get over things. We love each other, so, no matter what, we work it out. It is definitely hard to separate business and family.

How do you decide which songs to sing?

Tiara: When we write songs, we usually put our experiences in, and try to relate it to what we are going through. "Come Back" is about a woman admitting she's wrong, which we never do. We did once, and now we will never do it again. Because we are sisters, maybe one of us might go through something, and we'll all go through it together, because we are there for each other. We all can draw from that experience.

Is Jaime the only songwriter in the group, or do you all contribute?

Tiara: We are all song writers.

Do you think it is important that you have original music to have success?

Jaime: Definitely. It is sometimes okay to sing another person’s song if you feel it.

Tahiti: Great music comes from your own experience.

Has Bruno taught you anything that you feel will help The Lylas? Has he gone through things that were mistakes that you learned from his experience?

Jaime: He gives us advice all the time.

Anything specific?

Jaime: He gave us his lawyer.

Tahiti: He gives us advice on everything: dating, our outfits. He has an opinion on everything.

Any concerns working together can destroy the relationship, like the Jonas Brothers just broke up?

Jaime: I don't think anything can destroy our family. Maybe they broke up as a group, but they still love each other. They are still a family.

Tahiti: We are not letting each other break up.

Why should people watch the show?

Jaime: When you watch the show, you will cry, you will laugh, you will relate to a lot of the things that happen. The feedback so far that we've gotten is that they feel that they're a sister. That's what we hope. We hope we can inspire and make you feel like you are part of the family.

“The Lylas” airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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