‘Good Wife’ Recap: Money Is the Root of All Evil: Watch

Nathan Lane guest-starred on "The Good Wife" Sunday night (Photo: CBS)

How many ways will “The Good Wife” find to bring the attorneys of Lockhart-Gardner and Florrick/Agos together?

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Sunday's episode, "The Next Week," found the two firms mingling because of a lawsuit. The hour also established the identities of the sleaziest lawyer in Chicago, the weirdest family in Chicago and the city's most perverted teen.

The Traitor

A dissatisfied client sued Lockhart-Gardner over an adoption that went wrong when the biological parents reclaimed the child. Alicia (Julianna Margulies) was subpoenaed as a witness because she worked on the case.

Diane (Christine Baranski) frostily greeted her as Ms. Florrick. Alicia claimed not to remember whether she told the clients the baby was part Chippewa, and therefore tribal law would take precedence over U.S. law. She reminded the partners that the $150,000 she gave them as her partner buy-in was not returned when she left. Diane told her, “Sometimes I look at you and wonder if you changed, or if you were always like this.”

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Alicia retorted, "I had some of the best teachers on the world. I couldn't help but change."

Alicia agreed to testify in exchange for getting her money back. She said that David was in charge of the case and that she told the parents the child was part Chippewa. The opposing counsel pulled out a $10,000 check to the Chippewa, an attempted bribe that backfired.

She said she never saw it before. David claimed that since she became a partner during the case, she technically was a supervisor and is liable. The rest of  Florrick/Agos was like “all for one, and one for all! We’ve got your back.” Clarke (Nathan Lane) who Florrick/Agos hired as a financial consultant, offered to help. He testified that David was the case’s attorney of record. However, Anthony, the Florrick/Agos associate who got fired first and released the video of pantsless Howard, wrote the bribe check. Anthony told Alicia that he consulted with Howard before sending it. Since Howard is forbidden from doing real work, he obviously had terrible judgment. When Anthony testified he claimed Alicia was in charge. He perjured himself in exchange for a Lockhart/Gardner partnership. That’s two lawyers the firm has poached back since the split happened.

Florrick/Agos Still Broke

Clarke had bad news for Florrick/Agos. The fledgling firm is broke, despite all of that Chum Hum money. In a moment that sent chills down the spine of current law students and unemployed lawyers, he recommended outsourcing document review to India. Then he offered to work for the firm as a lawyer for free until it became profitable, both to launch his law career, and, it's implied, because he had a crush on Alicia.

The Nuttiest Family in Chicago

The case of the week involved a sober college student, Jeff (Hunter Parrish), who was pulled over for a DUI and told he had to come to the station for a breathalizer. He was never formally arrested, so he should have refused, but he was studying Italian, not the law and did not know better. He called Lockhart/Gardner in search of Alicia, but Will (Josh Charles) decided to take the case to keep it out of Florrick/Agos hands. The police were really after Jeff’s DNA because the DNA found on a murder victim who attended his college was a male member of his family. (His family’s DNA was on file because his father was arrested for assault.) Jeff swore he never met the girl, but the usually right Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) proclaimed that he was either guilty or hiding something after meeting him. A search for other suspects turned up an uncle, who was eliminated when he told Kalinda he was a Female-to-Male transsexual. But he knew that Dan had a long lost half brother. That half-brother had an arrest record for ketamine dealing, though for some reason his DNA was not on file. When Kalinda interviewed him he fled, leaving behind a wad of DNA covered gum.

While investigating a professor who was initially suspected of murder, Will ran into Owen, who dished the dirt: the professor had a B+club in which he invited good students to wild parties at his house. Owen thought Jeff and the victim might have both attended. Owen learned from Will that Alicia had left the firm.

The State's Attorney's office offered a two year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Will advised Jeff to take it unless he was truly innocent. Jeff insisted he had nothing to do with the murder. But the DNA tests were a 100 percent match. Will promised to give him a vigorous offense at trial. Since the family has a violent father, a transsexual uncle and a drug dealing brother, it seems plausible that either Jeff has multiple personalities or a long lost evil identical twin. Jeff's family deserves its own spin off.

Owen is a Soap Opera Fan

Owen (Dallas Roberts)  confronted Alicia about her true motivation for starting her own firm. He’s convinced she only did it to avoid sleeping with Will. That was certainly part of it, but Alicia’s more complicated than that. Owen presumptuously visited Will to inform him that Alicia left because she was afraid of falling in love with him. He said that Alicia and Peter were not “set in stone” ignoring the fact that they are now the governor and first lady. Will, aware that Alicia was not even close enough to Owen to tell him that she started her own law firm was unmoved. So Owen went home and wrote some posts for his “Scandal” blog, because he has confused Will and Alicia with Olivia and Fitz.

To Catch a Predator

Zach (Graham Phillips)noticed Alicia’s web cam was turning itself on and off. He told his mother that a hacker was likely to blame. She and Cary (Matt Czuchry) assumed it was Lockhart-Gardner and started planting false information whenever it turned on. Actually, one of Grace’s classmates was the culprit. He was taking videos of her undressing and posted them online. Zach beat him up, but did not tell Alicia about the illegal videos, though if she found out she could sue his parents for enough money to solve her financial problems.

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