5 Things to Know About ‘Almost Human’

"Almost Human" (Photo: FOX)

Almost Human” is not your typical buddy cop show. For starters, the surly, skeptical cop/android with human emotions partner dynamic isn’t one that we’ve seen before — ever. The Fox drama, created by “Fringe” mastermind J.H. Wyman, brings to TV screens elements from “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” and plenty of other sci-fi films you’ve seen throughout the years.

But this show is different. Karl Urban as an LAPD detective who, after a devastating accident, is paired with an android partner (like every cop 35 years in the future). But Dorian (Michael Ealy) is different — he’s a robot who experiences human emotions. Together, the odd couple solves complicated technological crimes.

Here’s what else to expect from the new series, which premieres on Sunday, Nov. 17 before settling into its new time slot at 8/7c on Mondays.

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1. The near future. This is not a shiny, metallic, neon-filled future, nor is it a bleak, war-torn landscape. The 2048 Los Angeles of “Almost Human” looks a lot like current Los Angeles, with the addition of some super-cool, seamlessly integrated technology. “This is a future that is immediately accessible,” Urban told reporters in August. “We’ve still got mortgages. Mom and dad still take their kids to soccer. It’s just that in this slightly futuristic version, society is dealing with elements and difficulties that are just a little bit beyond the curve for us, and I find that interesting.”

2. Cool gadgets. The best part of a futuristic TV show? Some super nifty futuristic technology that’s actually probably just about coming to fruition in a lab somewhere right now. “There are technologies available that a lot of the public doesn’t really understand yet, that are just around the corner, that will really change our lives — and change the way criminals look at it,” Wyman said.

3. Unique cases. The criminals on “Almost Human” aren’t your run-of-the-mill ne’er-do-wells, and their crimes aren’t anything you’d find on “SVU” or “CSI.” “If you can see the case on another cop show, we’re not gonna do it,” Urban said.

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4. A dark side. “We’ve sort of all been promised this incredible utopia of computers and technology, but there’s another side to that,” Wyman told the crowd during the “Almost Human” panel at San Diego Comic Con. “There’s a dark side to that, there’s a ‘what if’ side to that. There’s a cautious side.” To reiterate: This is not the idyllic future of “The Jetsons.” Some bad stuff goes down.

5. Relationships. There’s love interest potential in Minka Kelly’s Det. Stahl, a coworker in awe of Kennix’s reputation. Meanwhile, Lili Taylor as Kennix and Dorian’s Captain might not be involved in any love triangle, but she does command some major attention. (She’s fantastic.)

“Almost Human” premieres Sunday, Nov. 17 at 8/7c after NFL football, then moves to its regular time slot at 8/7c on Mondays the following day.

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